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What is sharding? – Powers, and More

What is sharding? – Powers, and More

sharding-2 – Generally, sharding is the database partitioning technique. And blockchain networks often use it to achieve scalability ( that allows the networks to process an increased number of transactions simultaneously).

And sharding  the smaller partitions in the blockchain network are called shards. Also, while each shard contains its own data, none of them depends on the other ones.

And the primary benefit of sharding is that the blockchain needs to store and process transactional information through one shard node only. Otherwise, the data can take gone through all the nodes of a network.

It can result in the network becoming slower and slower with every new participant. Also, sharding resolves this issue by breaking the single chain up into multiple concurrent chains.

Also, the sharding architecture is all about creating a feasible way to accomplish horizontal partitioning of the database. Partitions work as rows where each row categorize according to the distinct purposes it serves.

Also for instance, one of the shards can get allocated for keeping the records of some transactions.

And let’s try to understand this with the help of a real-life example. And let’s suppose the blockchain use to store records relating to rental real estate transactions. The entire transaction can distribute among multiple shards. Furthermore, it is also important choosing best CRM software for real estate business.

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One shard can correspond to the name of the customer. Another bit may correspond to the digital keys that a renter would receive upon paying the rent.

And it’s important to remember that sharding architecture retains the original properties of the decentralized ledger. And each shard design in such a way that it can share among other bits.

How Zilliqa Powers Sharding?

Zilliqa is the brainchild of several academics, entrepreneurs, and engineers. Its mixed team aimed at equipping developers and enterprises with a scalable and secure platform suitable for building decentralized applications.

And the team launched its main net in January 2019. Zilliqa became the first-ever blockchain platform to leverage sharding as the solution to scale up. And it’s a unique way of using sharding for enabling the blockchain’s linear growth.

Also, the sharded architecture of Zilliqa has three essential features: its scalable, secure, and decentralized.

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