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Welcome to newcomputerworlds. Here, we only talk about the technology and its usage. Moreover, if you are unfamiliar with technology usage, you are at the perfect place to learn and explore the technology. In addition, if you are a writer and want to write for us. Then we are welcoming.

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What Is Proxy?

A proxy is an intermediary computer used in communication between two other computers. Information is transmitted (usually on the Internet) directly from one computer to another. Data first goes to the intermediate computer (proxy) through a proxy and is sent to the location computer, so there is no direct connection between the former and the latter.

What is Proxy?

In almost all cases, the agent only works to hide, and most of the time, these agents help carry out illegal practices (spam, fraud, etc.). This is why it is always advisable to avoid proxies, especially when they are forum, chat, or social network servers.

In other cases (that minority of cases), we use a proxy as a link between many computers in a network connected to Internet. In this case, an agent can be beneficial because of its additional benefits.

What Is Use a Proxy – How It Works

If you need to connect via a proxy, you can enter your IP address directly into the browser. Meanwhile, this works differently depending on the browser; However, instructions for all popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, can live found online.

Some proxy servers can be accessed directly from a website, such as Designed to protect data, the Ixquick metasearch engine processes all search queries through a proxy.

Other proxies work through browser plug-ins. For example, the compelling “Stealthy” proxy service provides plugins for Chrome and Firefox.

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