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Moulin Rouge Paris – All you need to know, Wiki, Ticket Price, 2024

Moulin Rouge Paris – All you need to know, Wiki, Ticket Price, 2024

Moulin Rouge Paris – Looking for the places to celebrate the new Year 2024. Then you are at aright place. Here we are going to tell the most beautiful country spent and Welcoming the new Eva 2024. In a land of Disney we have describe the most amazing area in Paris, It is moulin rouge paris, one of the most the engaging the places after Dinseyland, Eiffel tower, Versailles tower, Louvre Museum Ticket And more.

In addition, is always help our reader to solves their issue and fix them. Therefore, read the whole article to not miss wonderful land of Paris.

Moulin Rouge Paris Wiki.

moulin rouge paris is well know for his birthplace of the French cancan.on top of that, moulin rouge paris is only perform only twice ina year. People from different cultures and countries come to take enjoy this show. Moreover, Moulin Rouge Paris was founded by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller in a Year 1889.

Moreover, they also owned the apris Olympia. According to Wikipedia in 1915, original venue was ruined by fire accident. In addition, Moulin Rouge is southwest of Montmarte, in the Paris district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy in the 18th arrondissement, and has a red windmill on its roof. The closest metro station is Blanche.

Moulin rouge paris famous for seductive dance by the courtesans which was introduced.

On other hand,  A temple dedicated to athletics and dance, the Moulin Rouge showcased the talents of the most famous dancers of the time.

But it is the quadrille created by Céleste Mogador at the Mabille ball in 1850 that forms the basis of the dance that has become synonymous with Paris, French Cancun.

At this time, the quadrille became very fashionable, especially when performed to the songs of Jacques Offenbach.

Oddly enough, it was built across the Channel, in London, in French Cancun as we know it. Track Corridor owner Charles Morton started a dance troupe in 1861, which caused a worldwide outcry over the dance.

The Show: FEERIE

Every evening, a brief of feathers, sequins and strass sweeps through the Moulin Rouge, the emblematic cabaret of Paris, while the great revue “Féerie” takes the stage in four spectacular numbers. From the sleepy gardens of Moulins, to the decks of a pirate ship in Indonesia, via a traveling circus, a troupe before tackling the nostalgia of Paris from 1900 to the present day… Moulin Rouge takes us on a journey to take away An delightful life during an lovely sunset with family, friends or a romantic tête-à-tête.

The Moulin Rouge Paris: Past And Present

The Moulin Rouge Paris: Past And Present

  • The lights go down, the curtain rises… the whole troupe takes the stage to delight the hypnotized audience. By finding themselves in the “gardens” of the Moulin Rouge, the public discovers the magical atmosphere of this magnificent place. The audience is fascinated from the first moment by the beauty of the costumes and sets.
  • What could happen to a pirate on a ship anchored in Indonesia? A dream? Love? Once on the shore, we see priests, a gorgon wandering around her temple with snakes, women adorned with jewelry and a tigress. Will Sandoval present his reserves to the woman of his dreams? Or will we witness the detriment of love in the serpent’s den?
  • The circus is coming to town… with its troupe of clowns, mimes, acrobats, magicians and Siamese twins! Colorful landscapes and flamboyant music culminate with a spectacular parade of Moulin Rouge dancers.

How To Get Tickets For The Moulin Rouge Paris?

The easiest way to get tickets is to visit the Moulin Rouge website and book Moulin Rouge tickets through them.

There are generally three options when it comes to Moulin Rouge tickets.

However, you can combine it with dinner or dinner and a cruise. Here you can Check Here

All Moulin Rouge tickets come with free champagne.  Here you can Check Here.

VIP tickets allow you to avoid queues and give you access to the best seats in the room. Click here.

About Moulin Rouge Paris Tickets:

  1. Arrive at the meeting point 30 minutes before the scheduled time where you will be taken to the Moulin Rouge show.
  2. Join the incredible experience of the most famous cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge “Féerie” show.
  3. Discover a dance troupe with 1,000 costumes made of feathers, rhinestones and sequins, created by Corrado Collabucci.
  4. Discover the scenographies of Gaetano Castelli and listen to the music of Pierre Porte, composed of 80 musicians and 60 singers.
  5. The Moulin Rouge is one of the few places that perfectly captures the joie de vivre of Paris. Discover the famous French cabaret that has been wowing guests with its celebratory shows since 1889.
  6. Savor exquisite French cuisine in a magnificent Belle Epoque setting with 850 seats.

How much does a performance at the Moulin Rouge cost?

Allow around €90 per person for the show with champagne. If you include dinner it costs around 200 euros.

Moulin Rouge show How long is the Paris/Moulin Rouge parade?

Moulin Rouge, Paris offers 2 shows every day of the year at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. (I’m not sure about public holidays). For those who wish to dine in, there will likely be dinner at 7 p.m. followed by the show at 9 p.m. A Moulin Rouge show lasts approximately 105 to 110 minutes.

I didn’t opt for the dinner option as there was no vegetarian option to choose from and it was expensive. You have to pay at least 105 euros for a one-way ticket.

First impressions of the Moulin Rouge Room in Paris:

It has a huge seating area and the whole room is classically decorated with red colors and looks elegantly stylish. Each guest is seated individually. I had a regular ticket and was seated right next to the front of the stage. You are prohibited from taking photos and please follow this rule.

My ticket came with half a bottle of champagne and I only had one sip.

After seeing the atmosphere, I was very excited and couldn’t wait for the show to start.

Frequenty Ask Question

Q. Where is Moulin Rouge Paris?

It is located on Boulevard de Clichy, Place Blanche, at the intersection and terminus of Rue Blanche. The neighborhood is Pigalle while the neighborhood is Montmartre and it is in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The full address is 82 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France.

Q. Are children allowed at the Moulin Rouge in Paris? / Is the Moulin Rouge suitable for children?

Children over 6 years old are allowed but unless you want to leave your Indian child for life, I strongly advise against taking your children to the Moulin Rouge, Paris. However, I can’t really comment on children from other countries. There is a lot of upper body nudity, for both men and women. So it really depends on how comfortable you and your children are with this type of nudity. And most shows last past children’s bedtime.

Is it worth visiting the Moulin Rouge with Indian seniors?

Once again, I strongly advise against it. Unless you want to scare your mother-in-law to death by seeing so many breasts.

Would I recommend a solo traveler visit the Moulin Rouge Paris?

I went solo and had a gala time throughout the show. Go in with an open mind and you’re sure to have a great time.

When does the Moulin Rouge parade take place in Paris?

The show lasts about 2 hours if you don’t go for the dinner show. The hours are mainly at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. If you attend the dinner show, it lasts approximately 3.5-4 hours and starts at 7 p.m.


With Moulin Rouge tickets, you can have the chance to experience the nightlife of Paris and make the most of your stay here. Witness a spectacular performance of “Féerie,” one of the most famous cabarets in the world, choreographed by Bill Goodson and created by Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti. Buy tickets and immerse yourself in an evening of music, spectacular costumes and magnificent sets in Paris. Then, enjoy an exotic dinner and a great show at one of the most famous entertainment complexes in Paris.

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