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5 Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile

5 Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile

Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile relies on precision and excels at engaging enemies from a distance, allowing players to eliminate targets without being detected. They have a high damage output per hit. This makes them effective in any mode, be it in ranked games, search or destroy, or even deathmatches.

While sniping requires knowledge of long-range combat and pinpoint accuracy for headshots, it is also important to know the best sniper rifles in COD Mobile. This guide will inform you of the sniper weapons that provide insane damage and support a variety of attachments.

Call of Duty Mobile: 5 Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile

Below are the five best sniper rifles in COD Mobile:

1. Rytec AMR

A semi-automatic sniper rifle, the Rytec AMR has a high damage profile of 80 and a reload time of three seconds, far less than most other snipers. The best attachments for the weapon are an XRK Harbinger barrel, Variable Zoom Scope, and Granulated Grip Tape for recoil control. However, its low fire rate and heaviness that reduces mobility make it ineffective for fast-paced modes.

2. XPR-50

XPR-50 has a high rate of fire which makes it ideal for battle royale matches. When equipped with the Stopping Power attachment, the XPR’s damage and range are increased significantly such that it can eliminate enemies with a body shot. Otherwise, it has a low damage profile of 85 and requires at least two shots on the head and body to kill enemies.

3. ZRG 20mm

The ZRG 20 mm is one of the best sniper rifles in COD Mobile and the most basic. It can one-tap enemies like most snipers while its moderate recoil can be contained with proper stocks and OWC Marksman attachment. Moreover, the Anti-Vehicle Magazine can increase its range and usage as an anti-tank rifle. The weapon’s heaviness is its limitation as it reduces movement speed.

4. DL Q33

The DL Q33 used to be the best Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile. Even though it has been dethroned by the LW3-Tundra, the DL Q33 continues to be a fan-favorite weapon. It has a damage profile of 90 which when combined with its headshot multiplier of 4X can knock down even the most heavily armored enemies. Mods like 6X Scope, YKM Combat Stock, Extended Mag, and MIP Light barrel make DL Q33 a deadly sniper.

5. LW3-Tundra

LW3-Tundra, also known as L96A1 Sniper Rifle in other Call of Duty games, was introduced to COD Mobile in January 2024. It has since become the meta sniper for any mode, boasting balanced stats and a headshot multiplier of 4X similar to DL Q33. It also has a higher damage profile than the latter: 91.

The LW-3 Tundra has a faster reload than Rytec, only taking 2.76 seconds for a full magazine reload. It also comes with a range of stocks, underbarrels, magazine sizes, and scopes. Given that it possesses the highest damage and supports mods for utmost stability, the LW-3 Tundra is A++ when it comes to the best sniper rifles in COD Mobile.

Author: Spandan Chatterjee

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