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Blog Post reviews: is legit or scam?
Apps reviews: is legit or scam?


Have you ever wondered what other people think about Zidmall’s products? You could have seen some reviews on their website if you’ve been doing business with them for a time. But a better understanding of other people’s experiences might be helpful if you’re considering purchasing something from Zidmall.

We’ll give a thorough analysis of Zidmall’s reviews in this post. We’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks that customers have mentioned in their research and the general opinion of people who have done business with them. In conclusion, you ought to have a solid idea of what people’s views are about Zidmall and be able to determine whether it’s appropriate for you or not. Then let’s get going!

What is reviews?

An online retailer called Zidmall sells a variety of SNEAKERS, apparel, and related accessories. According to their website, it is the most sought-after streetwear and sneaker market.

Our staff includes designers with extensive experience in the sneakers we sell. You can buy and sell high-end footwear, apparel, and accessories more easily. The material of the About Us page is plagiarised from the scam websites listed below. Thus any claims made there are false.

Important specification of website

Product Categories: Trend Shop, Athletic Shop, and Sale.

Payment options include American Express, Mastercard, and Visa (as stated on this website).

All orders are subject to the following shipping and delivery policies: processing and verification may take one to three business days before your product is shipped.

7-9 days for delivery. Above $35, shipping is free.

Per our return and exchange policy, we advise returning your items using the box in which your order was received. Look for a replacement if the item is not returnable. (According to the website.)

Social media link: They aren’t accessible through any social media platform or app.

The website was launched on August 23, 2022. This website will be inactive on 2023-08-23. A genuine website often pays for its domain name for over a year.

Positive points of this website reviews

Also,’s website has a devoted following of regular shoppers. One of the main factors contributing to their high customer satisfaction scores is this.

Also,’s website has a devoted following of regular customers. One of the leading causes for their clients’ excellent reviews is this.

Also, the company has an excellent customer service division that you can quickly contact if you have any queries or problems regarding your purchases.

We hope that reading Zidmall Review has enlightened you as to the true nature of the website. This kind of website aims to reach people on social media. Like many others, people in our social network are victims of scams.

It is challenging to demand repayment of money once it has

been taken. So, the best method to prevent fraud is to be aware of online fraud.

An online retailer called Zidmall sells a variety of SNEAKERS, apparel, and related accessories. The website shows it is the world’s most well-known streetwear and sneaker market.

We are a company run and owned by sneakerheads with a long history with our products. We support your buying and selling of designer apparel, accessories, and shoes. The material of the About Us page is plagiarised from the scam websites listed below. Thus any claims made there are false.

Negative highlights of reviews

The owner of the website’s identity is a private matter that cannot be made public.

On its website, the website utilises duplicate content.

The website’s offers are insufficient to verify the validity of the bargain.

They haven’t adequately safeguarded their website, which threatens data security.

In the age of social media, offline websites are not visible on these platforms, which shows that their efforts are not professional.

Given the idea of domain age, a website just starting to provide steep discounts is not an efficient and long-term business plan.

This site has a very low Trust Score.

Points to prove that the website is a legit or scam

is a legit

In our opinion, this website is not straightforward. A website must be clear in its business practices to be regarded as reputable. Yet, this website lacks transparency; the owner’s identity hasn’t been publicised. Also, they have protected their WHOIS records data. Fraudulent websites apply this ruse.

Is Zidmall Scam?

Zidmall shares several of the same core faults as dubious websites that turn out to be scams. In the end, the website will likely cheat users. Our recommendation is clear: keep a sufficient distance between yourself and this website.


Based on our human investigation, we concluded that this website is suspect since its trust index is only 32%, raising concerns about the integrity of the address. As a result, we do not advise our readers to purchase from this website.

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