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Metaverse write for us – Basically Metaverse surely you have heard about in recent months, a concept that already existed but that the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, put on the lips of many today. And also we tell you all about these virtual environments, their work, and other

What is a Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a simulated world in which humans can interact with each other through avatars. And  where they evolve in fictitious digital spaces or are representative of the real world.

In these virtual spaces, users can move around, perform different activities or chat with other people in an augmented reality experience. Also through virtual reality glasses and other means, or simply by connecting through a computer or another device. As if it were a video game. And he treats But unlike video game. Also the Metaverse doesn’t seek to enter a fantasy or action world. And also but to be something like an alternate reality. Also it providing users with immersive experiences without leaving the site.

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The Story of the Metaverse

Firstly although it is trendy today, the reality is that the Metaverse is already a few years old. And also its origin dates back to 1992. Also n a novel by Neal Stephenson called “Snow Crash,” the term refers to a fictional virtual world where users collectively coexist in external reality.

Secondly but the Metaverse only became fully popular with the arrival in 2003 of Second Life. And also software accessible free of charge on the Internet. And which created a virtual community in which users (“residents”). Also it could interact with each other through avatars. Of themselves.

Lastly an alternate virtual universe creates. Also this Metaverse reached millions of users. And people could become the characters they wanted Also thus live a “second life” by moving through the different scenarios, many of which represent reality. And such as universities, offices, or emblematic places. Locations.

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