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LAN Write For Us

LAN write for us

A local network consists of cables, access points, switches, routers, and also other components that connect to internal servers and web servers. And other local networks over wide area networks.

The increase of virtualization has also led to the development of VLANs, allowing network administrators to logically group network nodes and divide their networks without significant infrastructure changes.

And for example, in an office with multiple departments. And such as accounting, IT support, and administration. Basically, the computers in each department can logically connect to the same switch but segmented to behave as if they were separate.

What are the Advantages of a LAN?

The benefits of a local area network are the same as any group of networked devices. Also devices can use a sole Internet connection, share files, print to shared printers, and be accessible and even controlled by each other.

And local area networks were developed in the 1960s to be used by colleges, universities, and research centers (such as NASA) to connect computers to other computers. And it was not until the development of Ethernet technology (1973, at Xerox PARC), its commercialization (1980), and its standardization (1983) that LANs became widely used.












The advantages of wearing apparel are connected to a resale, they are always well-competitive. And  that is what provides the large deployment of Wi-Fi technology that resides in local areas have become commonplace in almost all types of environment. Also today, businesses and schools use local networks and restaurants, cafes, shops, and homes.

Wireless connectivity has also significantly expanded the types of devices joined to the local area network. Also, now you can ‘plugin’ almost anything imaginable, from PCs, printers, and phones to smart TVs, stereos, speakers, lighting, thermostats, blinds, door locks, security cameras, and even coffeemakers, refrigerators, and toys.

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IoT Security and Privacy

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Cloud Computing and IoT Platforms

IoT in Healthcare, Transportation, Agriculture, and other industries

Ethical and Social Implications of IoT

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