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Wordle 508 answer: Hints, clues and solution for Wednesday

Wordle 508 answer: Hints, clues and solution for Wednesday

what is today’s wordle?

what is today’s wordle – Wordle swept the globe when it first debuted and has had users riveted to their phone displays. You are tasked with guessing a five-letter phrase while also receiving suggestions that will help you the length of the way in this puzzle game with such a straightforward idea that it indeed lends itself to everyday play.

Even if you’ve been using Wordle since its inception, you’ll occasionally have trouble understanding the solution of the day. Some answers are more difficult to figure out, while others can even involve terms you’ve never heard before (looking at you, CAULK).

In any case, it’s okay to require a little nudge occasionally. We’ll start with the hint to avoid giving away too much of the solution. You can find the Wordle clue for today and the explanation below if you’re wondering. If you can figure it out, excellent; if not, feel free to check the solution and maintain your Wordle streak.


Our first piece of advice is to start each Wordle game with one of the top starting words. But here are some more detailed hints for the Wordle solution for today:

Two of the five vowels are present.

No letters are repeated.

The second-most frequent letter seen in the fifth position marks the end of it.

* By vowel, we refer to the writing A, E, I, O, and U. Depending on their usage, other letters may also be regarded as vowels.

You should be able to get the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle using those suggestions, at the very least. If not, continue reading for a more excellent hint; otherwise, scroll down if you want to know the solution.


Two iPhones exhibited the Wordle game.

What is the Wordle solution for today’s game 508?

I want to note that I’ve had quite a few letters from readers suggesting that they received different solutions the past two days before I begin today’s Wordle game (SNARL instead of SPELL, UNITE instead of BEGIN). I’m unsure of the cause of this and whether it will persist. It may be because Wordle’s regulations have changed. I hope this blip won’t continue to affect the game.

I chose RAISE, one of the top Wordle start words, as the first word for today’s Wordle.

Some of you have asked me to switch up my start word, and I have lately given it some thought. However, considering how unbelievably lucky RAISE was, I’m happy I didn’t alter it today.

That outperforms SAINT, which also left one answer, and just about every other start word in the Wordle lexicon. There were two options left if you chose TRAIN as your starting point.

If you had one of the common openers, STARE (82), TONAL (100), CLONE (107), TRACE (111), LEAST (198), or SCALE, you were miserable (215).

Players that started with RAISE needed an average of 1.1 steps to solve the puzzle on both easy and challenging levels, according to Wordlebot. In the meantime, you need 2.4 if you opened with AUDIO.

what is today’s wordle Wordle 508?

Wordlebot knows I still had one option, but I didn’t. But the response—RAINY—was as apparent to me as day.

While a few unfortunate individuals chose RAITH or RAITA, most players in my situation chose RAINY. Although simple mode allows you to skip verified letters, few individuals choose that option. Less than 1% incorrectly predicted DAISY.

I’m glad I held off on changing my start word until now. But given how fortunate I was today, it only seems sensible that that won’t be the case tomorrow. Then, I may attempt a different start word.

Did you compete with me today and win? Please notify me by email (opens in new tab). There’s a chance I can’t respond to everyone.


You’re viewing this at a later time. SPELL was the Wordle response for challenge 507.

Kelly here, returning to share our group’s Wordle adventures. Since the problem was not challenging today, I was disappointed to receive a score of 4/6. While Alan worked over the weekend, I earned a 2/6 (on STALE) and a 3/6. (on BEGIN). A four hence seems uninspired.

As usual, I started with RAISE, one of the top Wordle starts. It hasn’t (ultimately) led me astray yet. I enjoy beginning with three vowels and the two ultimate consonants.

But RAISE had a pretty bad day today. I had 290 more Wordlebot-estimated answers to choose from! STALE, I would have done better with the response from two days ago (6)

The least I could say is that I did better than others who began with TRACE (479), CRANE (506) or TRAIN (727). Ouch!

I bought a couple more consonants to make my following assumption. I am aware that, besides “R” and “S,” the most frequent consonants are “T,” “L,” “N,” and “C”, thanks to the statistics we monitor. That is why I chose SCENT.

Although it was incorrect, it did manage to move the ‘S’ and ‘E’ into their proper places and get rid of the three top letters.

what is today’s wordle 507 Wordle?

So,I then checked the answer to see if there was an “L.” I had two concepts: SHELF and SLEEP. I hoped Wordle would do what it does well and throw us a double-letter curveball. That’s why I finally went with SLEEP.

Wordlebot tells me that even though it was incorrect, it only left me with one choice. I realized that the double letter the game had thrown at me was not what I had anticipated. When I typed SPELL, each letter appeared in green.


We can also assist if you’re trying to find an archive of past Wordle solutions. This list spans the last 20 games.

Wordle #507 is SPELL, #506 is BEGIN, #505 is STALE, #504 is DREAM, #503 is PHOTO, #501 is INEPT, #500 is PINEY, #499 is APTLY, #496 is SNEAK, #4993 is FOGGY, #4991 is MUMMY, #490 is SPIEL, #489 is GROVE, and #488 is DENIM.

WORDLE ADVICE — How to Survive and Succeed

The best recommendation, in my opinion, is to choose one of the most popular Wordle to start words. I can’t stress how much of an influence it has enough.

If you don’t have one, you’ll be stumbling around in the dark, trying to figure out the five (or maybe fewer) proper letters out of the 26 available and possibly failing. But clever people (not me) have calculated and identified the best start words based on frequency in both English and Wordle responses. They use them!

Second, consider combinations, particularly at the beginning and finish. Some potentials are far more prevalent than others; SH, ST, CR, and CH all illustrate regularly, for example.

Vowels also need to be taken into version; some Wordle replies even contain three vowels, with many having more than one. On later efforts, you might want to try another one or two if they are missing from a strong Wordle start word.

Additionally, keep in mind the Y, which can substitute for a vowel in some cases and is simple to overlook. Numerous words also have it at the end of them.

Lastly, consider your choices. If you don’t press “Enter,” you can experiment with different answers to see how they display on the screen. Put in the likely letters and any that you are sure are contained in the word before mentally shifting between the various options.


Wordle began operations in June of that year. However, its formal launch didn’t occur until October of that year. (You can read my opinions on the five areas Wordle has to work on if it wants us to continue using it after the first year.) On June 19, 2022, Wordle celebrated its first birthday.

However, as the year came to a close, its appeal only rose, and in January, when people began to realize it, it went viral. Wordle was so popular that The New York Times purchased it in early February for a seven-figure price and added it to its gaming collection, NYT Games.

The game will continue to be free, according to both the New York Times and Josh Wardle, who made it. It may be played free on the NYT Games website (opens in a new tab). Some claim that Wordle has become more difficult since the NYT took control, but this is untrue.

The straight game Wordle aims to predict a five-letter word in six tries correctly. When you guess, you have informed the letters you selected and if they were placed perfectly in the final word.

A letter changes to green if it is in the proper location. It becomes yellow if it’s in the utterance but in the wrong position. It also becomes grey if the term doesn’t include it at all.

Everybody solves the same puzzle each day, and there is only one. Every day at midnight, it starts over. More details about the game may be found in our article, What Is Wordle?


We’ve compiled a list of the top Wordle substitutes if you’re looking for another game to play while you wait. We also have a website dedicated to the current Quordle answer, one of our favorites, and the current Heardle response, which is also excellent.

Try the highly stressful (but excellent) Squabble and the soccer-themed Who Are Ya? as more Wordle options. We also enjoy the math-based Mahler, the Star Wars-themed SWordle, and the geography-based Wordle clone World.

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