Vidro Traseiro iphone XR

Dropped your smartphone without a case, and the back glass broke? And now? Is it worth changing the rear mirror of your vidro traseiro iphone xr? If you don’t have the answer to this problem, come here, and I’ll tell you.

More about Vidro Traseiro iphone XR

Since the launch of the new iPhone, Apple has bet on increasingly modern cell phones with impeccable designs. Who never wished for a new cell phone? Better saying, who never aspired to an iPhone that was just launched?

Therefore, it would not be different from the vidro traseiro iphone xr, with a 6.1-inch screen, internal memory of up to 256 GB, 12 Mpx photo, thin, modern, elegant design, and its rear made entirely of glass. But what is this glass for anyway? Is it worth replacing it if it breaks?

What is the Back Glass on the Vidro Traseiro iphone XR?

Many believe that the iPhone’s glass back is just a visual or aesthetic issue; however, it is not just that. Glass goes far beyond something aesthetic; it is also related to physics, that’s right, the subject you studied throughout your high school.

The material is used precisely, so there is no interference when charging the smartphone. The battery charge happens through induction; it does not necessarily need a conductive wire for this activity.

This induction process does not occur in particular metals, hence the use of glass, as it is an excellent electrical conductor. You leave your cell phone plugged into the electromagnetic base.

After all, Vidro Traseiro iphone XR?

This is the question of millions; Vidro traseiro iPhone XR back glass? 🇧🇷 So, many questions surround this question since, in the assembly of the cell phone, Apple uses extremely resistant glues, which makes it difficult to change.

Most of the glass comes with the internal plate of the device, which makes the replacement process even more complicated and expensive. But calm down! There are solutions to this problem.

If you choose to change only the glass, all parts of your cell phone will be removed, the broken glass will be removed, and a new one will be put in its place. This process is very laborious and expensive, but the result is excellent.

But there is also another way to solve this impasse, even cheaper. All you have to do is choose to change the case, which will give you a cell phone that looks like new.

Can Technical Assistance Help Me?

The answer is yes. Some companies provide this service efficiently. As a suggestion of reference companies in the subject, I suggest that you contact PowerCell. They will help you out with this one. To learn more, click here.

vidro traseiro iphone xr

Unfortunately, I had to resort to this channel to try to solve my problem.

On Thursday, I got in touch with her store (Loja do Sapo) and talked to Bárbara because she needed repair on the rear window of my iPhone. So far, so good; you can pick it up for a small fee and return it on Friday with the device adequately repaired.

On Friday, I received the cell phone with several scratches on the side, glue and putty coming out of the rear window and a poorly fixed rear camera. I got in touch again and reported the damage; they said they couldn’t solve my problem and would only get in touch on Monday for a conversation.

Unfortunately, my cell phone is my way of working; I depend on it. I need to use a camera, and the main reason for looking for your store was that they are serious and reliable and value good service and quality.

Vidro Traseiro iphone XR Rear Window Repair

Glass/rear cover replacement service performed by specialized technicians!

The repair was carried out with a compatible part, with HQ quality, with a final result that barely notices the difference between the compatible and original parts.

Six-month warranty on the part and services performed.

The colour of the glass/lid does not change the quote.

It costs little to talk a lot…talk InTecc!

Vidro Traseiro iphone XR Replacement

  1. How long does change the vidro traseiro iphone xr back cover take?

We collect your device in the morning and return it at the end of the day.

  1. Is it perfect for changing the cover?

Only the factory could generate a perfect result in the minor details; however, using high-quality materials, we managed to reach a very close-to-perfection, which impresses most customers.

  1. What is the service guarantee?

The warranty is three months and covers cover detachment. We do not cover warranty in case of a wet or broken device.

  1. I’m in another state/city and can’t get to the store. How to proceed?

For BH customers, we have a moto boy service.

For customers in other regions, we use the postal service.

  1. Does the device lose water resistance after replacement?

Unfortunately, when cracking the lid, the resistance has already been lost.