As a parent, having a upcoming PlayStation in your house can be frustrating because once the kid starts playing it is almost impossible for them to help around with the house chores. PlayStation games are fun and full of adventure; however, the main issue is what games you should buy. Children are so picky at times as many of them are easily bored with video games. When choosing games to buy, you should select games that are not only puzzling and exciting but also promotes the mental development of the child.

When you buy PlayStation gift cards. It permits the user to access top thrilling video games, downloading movies and filling your PlayStation wallet with cash which allows you to download new games. Experts advise you to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. When you buy gift cards with bitcoin you get protection against fraud as it is safe and secure. Bitcoin helps you to trade with profit as opportunists at times increase prices upwards. Here are 6 best upcoming video games to look out for.

Top 6 upcoming games for kids

1. Rayman Legends

For one looking for a video game that can be exciting for both the children and a 70-year-old, “Rayman Legends” is the game for you. It is among the Grade A PlayStation games for family and kids where you are needed to match musical levels while monitoring your movements to match the covers of the hit song played in the video game. It comes with unique equal design and lively colors serving as the greatest entertainment cost for children of all ages.

2. Best Lego game

“Lego world” a PlayStation 4 video game. Offers a world exposed video game where players get to adjust and regulate visited planets by introducing different Lego models and blocks into existence allowing you to create different models and shapes with one block at a go . This helps your child to discover a number of galaxies they assembled while riding in dragons or helicopters at the same time interacting with creatures and objects created.

3. Little Big Planet 3.

It’s among the most known PlayStation 4 games greatly recommended for creative children due to its inventive content and groundbreaking game play. The game starts with a video tape of children in the real world beginning to see various costumes. Stickers around them, the players then get to create their own stages from the stickers and characters acquired.

4. Lego Marvel Heroes 2

Marvel heroes 2 is filled with old style tactical game plays accompanied with a yearning franchisee. Lego continues to introduce better and more engaging improvements that rightly twinsets all ages. Here you have various marvel characters that you will use to perform all the enjoyable time travelling missions including visiting the future New York, and Egypt. The game is enjoyable to almost every marvel fan.

5. Guitar Hero Live

It is among the top music video game in the town. The goal of the game is to play the guitar using a guitar controller to match the vex patterns shown on the moving screen in the exact time with the music. Players are allowed to use the more structures of the guitar controller to match notes shown on the display of feed patterns. Sometimes the notes maybe detained for a while and in this time the player is able to alter the note pitch to adjust the general effect.

6. Angry Birds Star Wars

Many android games have lately been imported to PlayStation games and the famous angry birds Star Wars is among them. This video game is not that different from what children have played only that it has a much better graphics. Sometimes it is better to take a look at something familiar with high powered capabilities.

Final thoughts

When most people think about PlayStation. They think about games for older audience but what they don’t know is that there is a wider variety of children games as there are for adults. Many of these video games are enjoyable to play and watch regardless of the age making PlayStation an available family friendly treasure.