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Is Link Building Still Relevant in 2022?
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Is Link Building Still Relevant in 2022?

Basically, link building is a strategy in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). It can be defined as the art of earning backlinks to a website by writing awesome content that other people want to cite on their authoritative publications. And also the long-term goal is that the website will increase in search engine rankings. Also, it in turn drives greater traffic to the site, bringing more attention to the product or service and a possible increase in revenue.

And there are many tactics and strategies that can use such as guest posts and blogging. And online press releases, social media, influencer collaborations, and use of infographics. Also, any businesses use these strategies to organically grow their website. And some large companies may have an in-house SEO team whereas others opt to engage the services of a professional link building company.

Also there are so many factors that need to consider in other to improve a website and this is led some to debate the importance of link building and level of effectiveness it can have on a site’s ranking. Some may ask “Is it still relevant in 2022?” The answer is “Yes” and here are some of the reasons why.

1. Volume of Business

Links still play a part in the Google algorithm and therefore are still to be considered as a ranking factor. Also while it may not be seen as valuable now as it once was, it is still worth time implementing.

Consider the volume of business around link building. A large number of businesses across a variety of industries and niches invest time, money, and effort engaging in this specific SEO strategy whether through their own in-house team or through digital PR and link-building companies. It is unlikely that large companies would engage in such activity if it was not bringing some return on investment.

Volume of Business

2. Correlation Studies

Most recent SEO studies, investigating the relevancy of link building still show a strong correlation between backlinks and SEO rankings in the ranking success of a website.

It is interesting to note however that the algorithm is more likely to favor quality over quantity these days compared to in the past. Also, therefore, rather than implementing an aggressive approach to link-building. And also it would be more beneficial to network with quality online news sites and publications or authoritative industry-relevant blogs with high domain ratings. And its where the greater benefit to your website can found.

3. Everyday Experience

No matter how big or small, how mainstream or niche the site improves rankings. And it sees through the implementation of a link-building strategy. Also, that will be the experience of SEO teams, experts, and website owners every day.

In saying this, it is best to implement backlinks into a broader SEO strategy. And also these days search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated. They now use information content marketing metrics, for example. And how long a person has spent on a page as a measurement. And also it can indicate that someone not only viewed. Also the content but spent long enough on the page to consume it in its entirety.

Also there you have it, link building is still relevant in 2022. Despite being less significant than it was a decade ago. And it is still a strong determining factor in the measure of website quality and therefore searches engine rankings and visibility.

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