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Foolproof Ludo Moves to Win Any Match

Foolproof Ludo Moves to Win Any Match

Ludo is referred to as the “King of Board Games” by millions of people all around the globe. According to The Hindu, ludo emerged as the most popular game that was played by millions of people during the COVID-9 lockdown. Even though there are tons of other interesting multiplayer board games, ludo receives immense love globally for numerous reasons. For starters, it has simple and easy-to-understand rules that every individual, irrespective of their age, can follow. Besides this, to play a classic game of ludo, all individuals need is a ludo board and tokens. Moreover, the game significantly benefits players’ mental health by relieving stress and anxiety. Thanks to its popularity, ludo enthusiasts can also play the game virtually, i.e., by downloading online ludo games.

Some multiple apps and platforms facilitate ardent ludo fans to play ludo games virtually. Moreover, most games and apps allow individuals to play ludo with friends or family. Even though many people believe that playing ludo online is very complicated, it is the opposite. All an individual needs to play ludo earn money is a smartphone and a reliable Internet connection. Besides giving players a chance to win exciting rewards, online ludo games also offer players an immersive and lifelike experience. Indulging in online ludo games with friends or family members is an excellent way for people to spend their leisure time.

Ludo is a strategy-based game that requires players to devise effective strategies to beat opponents and emerge victorious. Even though a particular strategy does not work every time, there are some moves and tricks following which players can increase their chances of winning any ludo games. Here are some of the most effective ones:

  • Work with Multiple Tokens

In every ludo game, every player has a total of four ludo tokens. They have to make each one come out of their house by scoring the number “6” on the dice. Once a token is out of their house, players can start moving them according to their strategy. Different people have different tactics when it comes to managing tokens. Some prefer marching only one token at a time. Even thorough doing so facilitates individuals to move one token very quickly to their base, it also increases the risk of the token getting killed or eliminated by opponents. Thus, it is advised that players open all their tokens as soon as they get a chance and start moving them toward their base in a safe but quick manner. Doing so will increase the player’s chances of winning the game quickly and swiftly.

  • Play an Offensive Game

The saying “Offense is the defense” stands true in the case of ludo games. Any ludo player who wishes to ensure that their tokens reach the base quickly should consider playing an offensive game, i.e., they should try eliminating their opponents’ tokens whenever they see an opportunity. Whenever a token gets eliminated, players need to score a six on the dice to make it come out of its house. Since scoring six can sometimes take too long, eliminating tokens is a very beneficial trick. Thus, doing so will increase their chances of winning the game and decrease the chances of their opponents emerging victorious.

  • Create Obstacles for the Opponent’s Tokens

As mentioned earlier, players’ main objective in any ludo game is to ensure that their tokens reach the base first. The priority of ludo players should be to eliminate other players’ tokens. However, luck may not always be in the player’s favor. Hence, an effective alternative is to block the path of players. Throughout the ludo board, there are milestone points where tokens are safe, i.e., as long as they are placed on milestone points, they cannot be eliminated. Hence, players should place one or two tokens at milestone points and wait for their opponents’ tokens to arrive. Once the opposing tokens are ahead of the players, they can try eliminating them. It is an excellent strategic move that works like a charm in most cases.

  • Be Patient

Whether it is an offline or online game of ludo, a game’s length depends on the moves made by players. For instance, if the player and the opponent try a defensive strategy, the game may last for hours. When this happens in a game, most players lose their cool and start making reckless moves. This, in turn, puts them at a disadvantage and their opponents at an advantage. Hence, every player who wishes to emerge victorious should always remain calm and composed, even when the game is taking longer than anticipated to get over. If they stay calm, they can make sensible and intelligent moves and eventually win the game.

  • Observe the Opponents’ Gameplay and Tactics

This one is not so much of a move as a tactic. Players must read their opponent’s moves and strategies in a ludo game. Doing so facilitates individuals to plan their moves ahead of their opponents, which puts the player at an advantage and the opponents at a disadvantage. Hence, players should observe their opponents’ gameplay and devise moves to counter them.

Ludo games are not only dependent on luck but also a skill. Hence, any individual who wishes to win ludo matches or tournaments should follow the moves mentioned above and tips to ensure that the outcome results in their favor.

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