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Essential Work-from-Home Gadgets and Gear

Essential Work-from-Home Gadgets and Gear

Home Gadgets and Gear – Are you just about to enter a job that allows (or requires) you to work from home? These days, it is very common, and you’ll definitely want your working environment to have everything you need to be productive. We have compiled a checklist of some essential and highly useful gadgets and gear that will help you whilst working from home.

Working from Home

While it may seem relatively straightforward, a lot of people in the last two years found that they were not properly equipped to start working from home. In the office, they had their own desk and a suitable chair for sitting in for several hours; they might even have had technology provided to them in the office. Also we spoke with TechQuarters, who are among the top London IT support companies . Also that helped their clients adapt to remote and hybrid working. And they emphasised the importance of equipping employees with equipment to fill the gaps left by leaving the office.

Working from Home

Reusable Bottle

This may seem like a very basic suggestion, but hydration is very important whilst working. Becoming dehydrated can happen without you realising. And it can seriously affect your productivity and focus. Also Studies have found that people who work from home actually take less breaks and spend more time sitting at their desks. And also this translates to less water being drank, so having a water bottle to keep by your desk at home makes a world of difference.

 Adjustable Desk Light

Adequate lighting is another thing that is frequently overlooked by workers; and it is especially important during the winter months. During the winter, the sun usually begins setting well before the end of the working day. And (which in most countries, is between 5pm and 6pm), and you might find yourself working in the dark without realising, straining your eyes.

Another reason for having a desk light is for video meetings. The social aspect of remote work is very reliant on videoconferencing. And also your colleagues will appreciate being able to see your face adequately – and therefore, a desk light will illuminate your face properly.

Wireless Mouse

If you’re using a laptop for work (which more and more people are doing nowadays), then you shouldn’t just rely on the trackpad that is built into the device. As a matter of fact, this can sometimes result in repetitive strain injury. A wireless mouse provides better flexibility and mobility for your hands. There are lots of options for wireless mice – including ergonomic, ambidextrous, full-size, compact, etc.

HD / 4K Monitor

Laptops have lots of benefits, but their effects on posture are not one of them. Hunching over a laptop, and craning your neck down to look at the monitor is not good for you. And also this is why purchasing a HD monitor is pretty essential for laptop users. Also you can easily divert the display for your laptop to an external monitor. And the height of monitors will encourage you to keep your head and neck in a neutral position that is better for posture. A 4K monitor is recommend, as the high resolution will also combat potential eye strain.

HD Webcam

As we mentioned before, videoconferencing is a big part of working from home – it’s the most efficient way of communicating with colleagues. And also like we said, your colleagues will appreciate seeing your face clearly, in HD, because the technology barrier between you will feel less prominent. And social interactions will be more fulfilling (which is very important for mental health). If you’re having multiple video calls a day, investing in a HD webcam is worthwhile.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Repetitive strain injury is a very real risk with office work. Typing away at a small laptop keyboard is a one-way ticket to hand and wrist injuries that could vary from minor to chronic. And also just like using an external mouse is better than using a laptop trackpad. Also using a full-size, ergonomic keyboard is much better than using the built-in laptop keyboard. If you already have experience doing lots of typing on a small laptop keyboard, once you use an ergonomic keyboard, you’ll kick yourself for not getting one earlier.

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