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Are your door mats flame-retardant?

Are your door mats flame-retardant?

door mats – Regular doormats in communal hallways area units are typically classified as a hearth hazard. Some building managers have done away with such doormats and installed flameproof ones to ensure safer surroundings.

Nut 13501-1 consists of 4 European ‘reaction to fire’ check ways that may be applied to floor coverings except for textile, resilient and laminate floors nut ISO 11925-2 and nut ISO 9239-1 area unit the foremost necessary check ways for classification functions. Stringent international organisation (EU) standards apply to construction products employed in the united kingdom, and within the floor coverings sector, there’s a regular related to fireplace testing. Confirm that you purchase flame-retardant doormats that meet the desired standards for your business.

The tests

The checks verify, however, that simply a vertically placed test product can ignite by victimization what’s called a little burner technique. The check product’s surface and edges area unit exposed to a flame in an exceeding combustion chamber for fifteen seconds.  The categories D Everglade State and E Everglade State area unit are happy if the flame doesn’t reach 150mm higher than the flame impingement purpose in twenty seconds, classifying it as usually ignitible. If this check fails, it’s categorised as simply ignitible, F Everglade State class.

To obtain a B Everglade State and C Everglade State category that classifies them as flameproof, the product must pass a bright panel check. These assess the burning behaviour of a horizontally placed check product exposed to a brilliant heat supply and then lighted with a pilot flame.

If the specifications of these tests area units are met, then the ground coverings unit follows nut 13501-1


Here area unit the various categories of flammability and their criteria by that floor cover is judge. Everglade State is employed to mean flooring within the table.

  1. A1 Everglade State – solely achieved by non-flammable floor coverings that don’t gift any risk in terms of smoke formation.
  2. A2 Everglade State – solely achieved by non-flammable floor coverings with low levels of organic binding agents.
  3. B Everglade State – Radiation intensity of eight kW/m2 = flameproof construction product.
  4. C Everglade State – comparable German B1 classification. Radiation intensity of four.5 kW/m2 = flameproof construction product.
  5. D Everglade State – Radiation intensity here solely three kW/m2 = usually ignitible construction product.
  6. E Everglade State – little burner check = usually ignitible construction product.
  7. F Everglade State – No needs created, no check = ignitible construction product.

The lower the classification goes. The more ignitible the fabric is. Therefore, the more unsuitable it’s to be use in associate degree surroundings wherever hearth safety is essential.

A1 Everglade State and B1 Everglade State categories area unit not possible to satisfy with most doormat materials and something that’s classified D Everglade State and F Everglade State is consider a hearth risk to be use in most places. This leaves B Everglade State s1 and C Everglade State s1 categories best suited for business use.

door mats – Apart from tests regarding flammability, there are other areas to envision what proportion of smoke the merchandise creates. If it produces heaps of smoke. It’s thought-about a danger to human health and should create {a hearth|a fireplace|a hearth} hazard in an exceedingly fire emergency. This is often why it’s necessary to envision the results of smoke tests further as however ignitible the merchandise is once specifying door mats for your premises.

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