Storyline Is Set In A Different Dimension – Movies are the food to your soul!

You have a stressful day, and you want to leave your current reality and shift to someone else; movies are the perfect way to achieve that.

If you are planning one movie night with yourself or someone else, how about shifting to a fantasy genre.

Something which is far from your current situation!

If you are endlessly scrolling through the streaming platforms and still unable to find something out of the world, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing the five best movies of all time, which will give you all the feel of a fantasy world!

These are handpicked by cinephiles themselves, and they have also been critically acclaimed by critics.So, your Saturday night movie date is completely set!

Just sit back, relax, and download!

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Movies Whose Storyline Is Set In Different Dimension

Movies are a great way to escape reality.

Now, just imagine yourself escaping something which is totally out of the world!

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about the different ways which will either take you to a fantasy world or bring a parallel universe to your doorstep.

1. Harry Potter

What better place to escape to than Hogwarts!

Holding the hands of the golden trio.

Harry, Ron & Hermoine!

We got to experience the most magical world ever known to mankind. For many of us Potterheads, Harry Potter is not something that is out of the world.

It is literally our home!

2. Interstellar

Transfering Earth’s population to a new planet!

If you wish to experience an out-of-the-world movie, this movie takes you there in a literal sense.

The story revolves around Professor Brand, who has literally shortlisted three planets that could be somewhat habitable for our population.

Now. a team of scientists and researchers have to go through a wormhole to see which planet is the most suited.

To space travel through the rest of the adventure, you have to watch this Nolan’s masterpiece.

3. Coraline

Many would deem this as a children’s movie!

However, it is the innate playfulness through the dark message of the movie which makes it eerie and out of the world.

The movie is about a girl named Caroline who discovered a strange world behind a secret door of her new home.

It was all fun and games until she couldn’t leave that universe!

4. Your Name

This anime movie is artistic brilliance!

A storyline revolves around two teenagers trying to find each other in the vast universe.

Then what is so out of the world about it!

That has to do with a comet and the seizing of space and time in our very mundane lives.

To know the rest, you must watch the movie.

5. Avengers – Infinity War

This is probably the most out of the world, among all the Avengers movies!

The Avengers explore through an uncountable number of universes in the hope of finding the six infinity stones.

It is all about resting and lodging in a total space opera!

Thus, it is not just one dimension you are getting to explore; it is many.

Happy Movie Night!

Movie nights are amazing, and if you can select the right movie, you are good to go!

These fantasy world movies can make some of the best movie nights alone or with someone else.

Just download it right now!