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4 Tips for Using Video Content Marketing

4 Tips for Using Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing – In 2022, if you aren’t using video marketing, you’re leaving boatloads of money on the table.

The numbers don’t lie. YouTube, the world’s #1 video sharing platform, gets over 1 billion video streams every day. More importantly, 80 percent of marketers agree that video increases sales.

If you’ve not been using video content marketing, you’re probably ready to jump in on the trend and grab your share of the jackpot. Unfortunately, finding marketing success with video content isn’t as easy as grabbing a camera and hitting the record button.

There’s a science behind it – and you need to study it. Read on for tips that lay the foundation of a great video marketing campaign.

Know Your Audience – It’s Everything

There’s a reason you don’t watch everything that’s on your favorite video streaming platform. You always tend to look for videos on subjects that interest you. In fact, if there’s a streaming service that only caters to your interests, you probably already have a subscription.

Think of your business as a streaming platform. Your audience wants content that’s relevant; otherwise, they won’t engage with your videos.

But do you know what type of video content your audience wants? It’s easy to know this once you have a clear picture of who that audience is.

If your business sells golf equipment, for example, you can assume that your audience is anyone who plays golf. True, but there’s a lot more information you need to know about them, including location, age, marital status, income, and even political views.

With this information, you’ll be in a better position to create video content that ticks all the boxes in terms of relevancy.

1. Storytelling in Video Content Marketing

People can watch just about any interesting clip online, even when it has no context. Don’t think the same will happen with business videos.

It’s storytelling that captures the attention of your viewers and locks them in. This is especially crucial when creating brand videos. Tell your audience about the stories behind your brand. Make them feel like they’re on this journey with you.

Even a seemingly dull and straightforward product explainer video can make use of storytelling.

2. Video Quality Matters

A decade or so again, people could make do with low-resolution videos. Today, they want high-definition video or they aren’t watching.

With affordable phones packing high-res cameras, this shouldn’t be hard to achieve. But video quality isn’t just about resolution. It’s also about the script, the use of background music, lighting, framing, compression, and more.

Unless you’re an experienced videographer, it can be difficult to produce quality videos on a consistent basis. As such, you should either invest in videography equipment and hire in-house videographers or outsource the job to a video marketing service.

3. Optimization for Search

Yes, there’s such a thing as YouTube search engine optimization. With thousands of videos being uploaded to YouTube (and other video platforms) every day, your content can easily get lost in the shuffle.

With property search optimization, you’ll give your videos a chance of being found. Learn how to use relevant keyword tags, custom thumbnails, and other optimization tools and techniques.

4.Video Sells!

Video content marketing is a proven way to increase brand awareness and grow sales. But it’s not a plug-and-play kind of thing. As we’ve demonstrated, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to create videos that deliver maximum impact.

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