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Lucrative Cryptocurrencies 2021

Lucrative Cryptocurrencies – The year 2022 is starting soon, and it is not yet clear if this will correct what happened to the market in 2021. Many statistics and prices suggest that the upward trend will continue in the long term. We recommend discussing five cryptocurrencies today, all the altcoins you know well that have consistent upside potential in December and beyond as of 2022. Today’s favourites are Ethereum and SHIBA INU; see what their prices are and why these cryptocurrencies can explode soon.

Compared to the Internet

First, understand that the Internet doesn’t always offer sound financial advice. In this article, we only present our own opinions. It depends on whether you agree or not, and even more so if you want to buy, sell or start trading with Immediate Profit without delving into the subject. We should also remember that even though we are viewing the market from a bullish perspective, there is still no confirmation that Bitcoin will continue to grow and that a deeper correction is not imminent.

The predictions in this article start to come true. When Bitcoin returns to $65,000 as the first confirmation of further growth and is expected to break above $70,000 after that. Sure, altcoins could explode on their own, which they are primed for given Bitcoin’s declining market share, but without Bitcoin, the May panic sell-off could repeat itself.


In our opinion, the SHIBA INU is the ultimate risk, and if you don’t own this piece, you should stay away from it. But sometimes you want to risk at least a small amount, so put those thoughts aside and don’t let the emotion get to you, but we have to cover it for the following reasons, and most importantly, it will be of interest to those who hold SHIBA INU today, today.

SHIB token broke the downtrend and is already up 30%. It is rumoured that SHIBA INU cannot be included in Robinhood due to problems with regulators. The SHIBA INU team is not left out either. They launched DEX Exchange and added NFT when these stories were on everyone’s lips. And now that blockchain games and metauniverses are becoming popular, they brought a former Activision employee into the project. You also have to follow the trend, and SHIBA INU is good. Therefore, we are waiting for the announcement of the SHIBA games.


And another bonus is the “whale” Gimli, who bought 25 billion SHIB tokens and now has $57 million worth of tickets at current exchange rates. Currently, the SHIBA INU price is trying to break through significant resistance. However, some networks are already writing predictions that there will be a potential increase of another 70% if it is successful.

Today, Ethereum price fluctuations are also expected. Yesterday we saw the Ethereum forecast for Bitcoin, and we have solid growth potential of around 146%. The idea is that Ethereum will bring more coins into the altcoin season, and we will see a repeat of the story from December 2017.


Despite how Bitcoin is terrorizing the market with its corrections, the top 2 cryptocurrencies hold basic levels on the weekly chart and continue to grow in market share. On the daily chart, Ethereum is about to hit an all-time high and will do so quickly if Bitcoin supports the market with gains. You already know that despite all the problems, Ethereum is still the leading blockchain for Defi and NFT, and all the crypto innovations are there.

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