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The new computer world welcomed writers passionate about writing and contributing posts on our website. We are looking for a writer who has talent and experience. Our main goal is to provide our reader accurate information related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Moreover, Cryptocurrency is digital currency Thus, we want repleted on bitcoin, Crypto. If you are writer, then most welcomed to our website, please send us your email at

Benefits of Publishing Article on New Computer World

  • A place to share your opinions with the world
  • Reach our global audience of readers
  • The opportunity to connect and engage with our worldwide community of partners and leaders in the New Computer World.
  • Your promise is flexible and you can submit content as per your schedule

What are you looking for

We love to find writers who are passionate about blockchain technology and want to share their interesting thoughts on New computer world and any news they find valuable. New computer world News is looking for like-minded people to help filter out all the noise in the space and highlight the most valuable content for readers.


  • Creative and interesting opinions on anything New computer World related
  • Valuable Insights into the Uses and Application of Blockchain Technology
  • News and analysis for current events in the blockchain sector
  • Information about the constantly evolving blockchain regulations in different authorities
  • Content related to technical areas of technology is highly welcomed


  • Any content that is considered promotional/marketing material for other projects
  • Content that is not the original work of author or is copied
  • Any offensive or insulting thought that has malicious intent

Topic That We Accept

News/product releases

Finance Guest Posts


Feature articles

Guest columns

Forex Guest Posts

White papers

Case studies

Crypto Guest Posts

Market overviews

Application notes

Product reviews

Bitcoin Guest Posts

Opinion pieces

Multimedia (videos, podcasts, etc.)


How to Submit Your Article

Once your article meets our guidelines. And also you can send it to

Why Write For Us at NewComputerWorld– Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Write For Us

Topic That We Accept

digital currency

medium of exchange

computer network



strong cryptography


commodities, securities


central bank digital currency

distributed ledger



other cryptocurrencies

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Guidelines of the Article – Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Write for Us

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