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Why BTMX The Investor’s Exchange Token? – BTMX, investors, and More

Why BTMX The Investor’s Exchange Token? – BTMX, investors, and More

BTMX cryptocurrency trading evolved far beyond “buy bitcoin, trade for ETH.” As the market matures, a wide range of derivative products remains to introduce in response.

Also to the growing hunger from retail and institutions alike for different sophisticated mechanisms to deploy capital and hedge risk.

And the top cryptocurrency exchanges are offering investment opportunities like crypto margin trading or perpetual bitcoin contracts.

While simultaneously launching their exchange tokens to power these new products.

That’s why savvy investors looking to explore these different.

And thrilling ways to invest in crypto are accumulating BTMX tokens.

What is BTMX?

Firstly, issued on November 11, 2018, with an initial price of dollar 0.03, It is the native usefulness token for the AscendEX platform.

And with a total supply of 10 billion and the current circulating supply of approximately 753 million.

Secondly, traders can use BTMX to participate in new listings on AscendEX with priority access and take advantage of some digital products.

And investment opportunities built around the BTMX ecosystem.

Lastly, also, ascended traders can also use BTMX to purchase Airdrop and Investment Multiple Cards.

And to increase their token knowingly plunders from airdrops.

And one of the platform’s investment products like BitTreasure.

Why do investors love BTMX?

It the total fixed supply with several built-in deflation mechanisms to remove tokens from circulation.

For example, it requires traders to contribute to AscendEX sales for new listings. After the auction finishes, all it use for the request always locks in the smart contract as adequate consumption of the tokens.

And the high number of traders eager to buy it in anticipation of the new listing creates aggressive demand.

And it foremost to a buy-side imbalance that would reward all patient sellers and drive exciting price action for BTMX before each auction-driven listing.

Tens of thousands of BTMX are consumed daily by traders locking up BTMX with the BitTreasure investment product, and purchasing Multiple Cards with it.

And bidding them in the auctions. To date, over 20 million it take to remove from circulation with user bidding across four auctions.

Approximately 540 million BTMX are locked up in BitTresure, meaning nearly 75% of the token supply is removed from circulation.

While simultaneously generating an estimated 20% APY for the token holders.

And holding it can also unlock the value of the tiered AscendEX VIP trading program.

And it possibly grants users the most favorable fee structures at the highest levels based on the level of their BTMX holdings.

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