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What is WSAPPX? – CPU Resources, Fix, and More

What is WSAPPX? – CPU Resources, Fix, and More

WSAPPX is the service in Windows 10/8 that runs on your PC as part of the Windows Store and Microsoft’s Universal app platform.

It is used to install, update and uninstall Store apps, so you might not need it after installing all your updates.

But sometimes this service can become unresponsive and start consuming most of your CPU resources. As a result, your PC becomes slow, and you experience a considerable lag time.

Why is it Consuming Most of Your CPU Resources?

Generally, WSAPPX uses noticeable amounts of CPU when updating, installing, or uninstalling Store apps.

It means if you notice the Windows service consuming a high percentage of your CPU resources, it could be because an app is installing or updating in the background.

Also, it sees this action, goes to the Windows Store and clicks on the user icon on the top-right corner. You can disable automatic app updates on the next window.

How to Fix It?

You might have noticed that it’s not possible to disable this service in Windows Services.

If you try to disable it, you see a message saying this action affects other apps. You may also see a similar note if you try to end the service in Task Manager.

And if you don’t use Windows Apps regularly or want to solve the high CPU usage error, you can do a few things.

We covered simple fixes that help you solve this problem and get your PC running smoothly again. And you can start from the first answer and keep trying until you find the working solution.

How to Update Your Device Drivers?

Although this high CPU usage error not directly links to drivers. And out-of-date device drivers can cause incompatibility issues.

Also, you can encounter this problem when your system is trying to update the faulty device driver. So, the service becomes unresponsive in the process and consumes most of your CPU resources.

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