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What does Windows rollback do?

What does Windows rollback do?

Windows rollback (go back to the previous version of Windows) is the process of reverting your current Windows. And its operating system to the last version without the new installed updates.

Usually, when you turn on the computer, you find Windows automatically installs updates. For those users who did not like Windows update, Windows rollback can be a great help.

Why Rollback Windows 10 Update?

Windows update is good to users most of the time because these patches fix bugs, enhance the operating system stability, protect computers from attacks of the latest virus and security threats, and offer a better user experience.

However, Windows update also can break your computer.

And recently, the latest Windows 10 updates take caused a series of problems. According to users, updates will significantly degrade some games’ performance and cause graphics and mouse issues.

Thus, if you installed the latest version of Windows 10 and then noticed graphics and mouse issues, you are not alone.

Microsoft said the next update solve this problem. In the meantime, Microsoft suggested pretentious users uninstall the latest updates to revert to the previous version.

Why need to roll back Windows 10 updates? Some responsible reasons are listed below.

1. Windows 10 won’t boot after the update.

2. And some apps and devices are not compatible with the new Windows version after the update.

3. Also, the file loss and drive loss after the update.

4. And the Blue screen of death after the update.

5. Also, performance degradation after the update.

6. And graphics and mouse issues after the update.

As you can see, installing the Windows update can bring you lots of trouble. It makes things easier. Downgrading to the previous version can suit you best.

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