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The Importance of a Huge Instagram Following for Brand Influencers  

The Importance of a Huge Instagram Following for Brand Influencers  

Instagram Followers – Are you a brand influencer or want to be a brand influencer, but you don’t have a massive IG following? If so, then you must have a big fan following on Instagram, but why? Here is why a huge Instagram following for brand influencers is significant.

In 2020, a worldwide survey proved that 89 percent of marketers believe that Instagram is the most critical platform for influencer marketing. While other platforms like Youtube and Facebook were down in the list. And because of these numbers and demand for influencer advertising, more accounts are looking at their options when it comes to growing their Instagram following.

To get a better perspective about this crucial topic, let’s get a bit deeper.

Types of Brand Influencers on Instagram

You must have a sufficient number of followers on Instagram to become a complete brand influencer that earns a sufficient amount of money. Experts have introduced some types of brand influencers to make understanding for both influencers and marketing brands. As an influencer, you must know all of them. These types are first categorized into two essential parts:

  • Based on their field and content they publish
  • Based on the number of followers

Here, we will discuss the second type because the content depends on the genre and content that you want to publish. So, there are four types of influencers based on the number of followers.

Nano Influencer

This type of brand influencer has followers ranging between 1k to 10k. If you are a nano influencer, those brands will contact you who have less budget but want an authentic audience.

Micro Influencer

Micro Influencers are better than nano influencers in terms of followers and have followers between 10k to 100k. As a micro influencer, you will get those marketing brands that need more audience than nano influencers.

Macro Influencer

Suppose you have a relatively more considerable amount of followers ranging from 100k to 1M. In that case, you will be called macro influencers. Usually, macro influencers are content creators that are related to Youtube. That is why they have a massive following on Instagram.

Mega Influencers

Mega influencers have followers of more than 1M, and they are mostly celebrities. If you are not a celebrity, you should ignore this type because making this large number of fans without fame is not that easy.

If you have just created your new Instagram account or are willing to create one, you must decide which type of influencer you want to become. Yes, it is entirely true that it all depends on the number of followers on Instagram.

But the real thing is that you will decide the milestone of followers when you start calling yourself an influencer and coming across some brands.

How Many Followers are Must to Be Called a Brand Influencer?

There is no exact number or milestone for you that will decide your influencing and marketing career. Instead, your career as a brand influencer depends on some other factors like:

  • The commitment of your audience.
  • The interest of your audience in a specific brand with which you are going to work.
  • Your field in which you are working (like vlogging, blogging, and fitness, etc).
  • And most importantly, which type of brand you want to work with or which type of influencer you want to become.

If you want to be connected with your audience every second, then your audience must be smaller. In this case, you should be a nano or micro influencer.

But suppose you don’t bother the commitment or interest of your audience. In that case, you can become a macro or extraordinarily mega influencer. Every type of influencer faces different kinds of brands as its clients.

For example, nano or micro influencers will meet those brands who want committed and interested audiences on a low budget. In comparison, macro or mega influencers will deal with brands interested in a large audience without bothering the budget or interest of the audience.

Benefits of Huge Instagram Following for Brand Influencers

More Followers mean More Revenue

As those four types of brand influencers are kept in the order of the number of followers from nano influencers to mega influencers, their revenue is also in the same order. It means the more you have followers, the more you will have money in return. And if you are almost at that next level, you might want to consider buying IG followers to push your account to that next level.

Here is the average revenue of every kind of brand influencer, from nano influencer to mega influencer:

  • Nano influencers charge $10–$100 per post on Instagram.
  • Micro influencers charge $100–$500 per post on Instagram.
  • Macro influencers charge $5000–$10000 per post on Instagram.
  • Mega influencers charge more than $10000 per post on Instagram.

We can get its example by Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo that they both are mega influencers. And even Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s most-followed personality on Instagram. That is why

More Followers mean Less Effort

Usually, the rule of the world is that the more you have, the more you have responsibility. But responsibility never means that you have more work to do. In the case of any influencer, the number of influencers is always inversely proportional to your effort.

It happens because when you have one thousand or so followers, then you can keep an eye on all of them. But this is quite difficult, but you have to do it to know the interest of your audience and keep an eye on their commitment as well. But why don’t you have any other choice?

Your brand wants a highly committed and interested audience that wants the brand’s products or services Because you don’t have a vast audience.

But in the case of a huge audience, you can’t keep an eye on every single person in your audience, and it is not your job as well. But why? Because you will get those brands who are interested in a massive audience and not in committed ones.

Wrapping Up

Almost everyone who is starting from zero should start from nano influencing because of many reasons. But after some time and progression, we should move forward because an immense Instagram following is always beneficial for a brand influencer.

We hope that now, you know the importance of a huge Instagram following for brand influencers.

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