LonelyScreen is the popular mirroring app that provides its mirroring feature. All you take to do is run it on your computer and communicate with the iOS device via AirPlay.

And once they are connected, you can immediately share music, photos, or videos from your phone and view them on a bigger screen.

And its type of app eliminates the need to bring your laptop or any other projection device that you would typically need to share what you have on file and project it to a bigger monitor. Additionally, it would enable you to view your mobile phone games better.

All you need to do is install this app on the computer. It works for together Windows and OSx computers. Also, when you run it, it turns your computer into an AirPlayer receiver.

Once enabled, you can cast your iOS devices onto a screen that connects to that computer.

Unfortunately, some content came out recently detailing how the this app is a suspicious install. If you carry sensitive information on your computer, this might not be an ideal app for you to use.

The good news is that other mirroring apps are equally as effective as this app to mirror your mobile phone’s screen.

Why is LonelyScreen iOS mirroring app safe?

It bases on the analysis on some websites, and there are claims that it installer files some malicious and suspicious indicators. While these did not necessarily mean that the .exe file is malware.

And it pays to bit more vigilant. Numerous legitimate programs and also detected in their scans, so it is not a hundred percent infallible.

However, if you carry sensitive material on your computer, it might be safer to use other mirroring applications. And it’s because, according to the report of a risk assessment conducted on the app’s installer, the program posts files to a web server.

Additionally, it is an installer that spawns more processes. It cannot determine yet if the methods can put your computer’s safety at risk with the .exe. The file’s ability to account for names and other information might be risky to leave there.

Does LonelyScreen have viruses?

There is nothing on the Internet that externally rights that viruses come with the LonelyScreen installation. They only suggest that the application contains viruses. And however, as mentioned previously, it does have suspicious features.

And there are even reports by several users claiming that ven after uninstalling it, they experienced getting pop-up ads on their computer.

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