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Lahoriye (2017) Full Movie Free Download Free Movie Wap

Lahoriye (2017) Full Movie Free Download Free Movie Wap

Lahoriye Full Movie H.D. Download

Lahoriye is the 2017 Indian-Punjabi drama film written and directed by Amberdeep Singh. It stars Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta, Yuvraj Hans, Nimrat Khaira, Sardar Sohi and Guggu Gill. And Lahoriye is about the effects of the partition of India on Punjab. And the movie deals with modern India and how two people of different religions and countries love each other. Also, come together by connecting their values of the same culture as Punjabis. The film grossed over $1.5 million in three territories in its opening weekend. The film grossed over ₹7.25 crore net in India in its first week.lahoriye

About the Movie

Director: Amberdeep Singh

Producer: Amberdeep Singh Karaj Gill

Writer: Amberdeep Singh

Stars: Amrinder Gill Sargun Mehta Yuvraj Hans Nimrat Khaira Sardar Sohi Guggu Gill

Music: Jatinder Shah

Cinematography: Sandeep Patil

Editor: Sadik Ali Shaikh

Production companies: Rhythm Boyz and Entertainment Amberdeep Productions

Distributers: Omjee Group (India) and Rhythm Boyz (International)

Release date: 12 May 2017

Running time: 140 mins

Country: India

Language: Punjabi

Budget: 5cr

How to Download and Watch Lahoriye Full Movie in H.D. Download?

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3 Best Alternatives to Watch and Download Lahoriye Full Movie in H.D. Download

More About Lahoriye Full Movie in H.D. Download

Lahoriye is an emotional drama that mainly revolves around two central characters: Kakkar Singh (Amrinder Gill). And the Sikh man from the border town village in Punjab, India, and American Khan (Sargun Mehta) – a Muslim woman from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Also, in present-day Punjab, India, Kakkar Singh, while working in his field one day. And it sees Ameeran on the other side of the Indo-Pak border and falls in love with her. And he then visits her in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Also but before he meets her, he intercepts Naseem Khan (Yuvraj Hans). And the son of the landlord of Ameeran. Also, Kikkar Singh persuades Naseem Khan of his faithful and authentic love for Ameera Khan. And afterward, Naseem Khan himself helps Kikkar Singh to see Ameeran at a family function. And both confess their love to each other and decide to get married. Also, Naseem Khan vows that he can help them in every possible way he can. And later on, Naseem Khan falls in sweetheart with Harleen Kaur and Kikkar Singh’s sister (Nimrat Khaira).

Though both Kikkar Singh’s and Ameeran Khan’s families agree to their marriage initially, due to inevitable mistakes advanced on, their marriage is called rotten. The rest of the movie hints at the events that affect not just Kikkar Singh and Ameera Khan. But two old friends got unglued during the partition of India. And then, in the climax, the family members realize that Kikkar Singh and Ameera Khan genuinely love each other. Then Kikkar is married to an American, and Naseem is married to Harleen.


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