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How To Fix PlayStation 4 Wifi Won’t Connect

How To Fix PlayStation 4 Wifi Won’t Connect

Taking PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi issues on your PlayStation 4 wi-fi issues is highly frustrating if your PS4 keeps disconnecting from your Wi-Fi.

And it’s not easy to enjoy online games and download updates. And if you can’t get your system online at all. Also, you can’t even join friends at a party or browse the PlayStation Store.

And we’re here to help with fixes for any PS4 internet connection issues you can take. Let’s look at what to fix if your PS4 Wi-Fi is slow, weak, and won’t connect at all.

3 Tips and Fixes Worth Trying

1. Reboot Your Console and Router

Any network troubleshooting should begin with a restart of all affected equipment. You can clear up many temporary issues by doing so, and it’s a quick step to get out of the way first.

And restart your network by rebooting the router (and modem, if you take separate devices). Also, to do so, unplug the power cord, wait a few moments.

And plug it back in again. Your specific network devices can take power buttons on the back that you can use instead of pulling the plug.

After your network tackle starts back up, restart your PS4. To do so, press and grip the PS button on the regulator to open the Rapid Menu.

On that menu, exposed the Power section and select Restart PS4. And make sure you don’t choose Enter Rest Mode—this is a low-power state that doesn’t fully shut down the system.

And once everything has restarted, try to connect your PS4 to Wi-Fi again. If it did not work, you make sure you can get online on a computer or other device.

And move on if the PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi, but everything else does. If nothing will get .

2. Run the PS4 Network Test

If the simple reboot did not fix your PS4 Wi-Fi issues, you could run the built-in network test to get extra information about where the problem lies.

Also on your PlayStation 4, head to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection.

It runs the short test and display Successful and Failed for each of the following in succession:

Obtain IP Address

Whether your system successfully received an IP address from your router. If it fails, your PS4 is not connecting to the router properly.

Internet Connection

It succeeds as long when your PS4 can reach the internet. If it fails, the issue lies between your router and the internet.

PlayStation Network Sign-In

Also, it checks whether your system can reach the PlayStation Network. If it fails, you can on a network that blocks PlayStation Network. While less likely, the issue may also lie on Sony’s end.

3. Confirm Your Network Wi-Fi Details

If your PS4 did not connect to your router at all, the Obtain IP Address check fails. In these cases, you must make sure you take the correct Wi-Fi network information set.

And go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi > Easy and run through the steps again to reconnect to your network.

As you do, pay attention to make sure you enter the Wi-Fi password correctly, as an incorrect password is a common mistake.

As a potential fix, you can also try changing your DNS settings to use the third-party provider instead of your ISP’s servers.

Also, to do this, select Custom instead of Easy. You did not need to tweak any of the other options, so choose Automatic for IP Address Settings, then Do Not Specify for DHCP Host Name.

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