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How to see hidden files in macOS? – Library folder, find ~/Library
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How to see hidden files in macOS? – Library folder, find ~/Library

Hidden files in macOS the quick and easy way to find secret files within a folder is to open the Finder and press Command + Shift + . (full stop/period). But there are other options you power like to consider.

Hidden files in macOS  and when you no longer want to see the hidden folders, just press Command + Shift + . again.

Where is the Library folder?

Many of these hidden files are located in a Library folder, which is hidden from view.

There is more than one Library folder to confuse matters, and not all of them are hidden. We all explain the differences and how to find each Library folder – including ~/Library – on your Mac.

And exacerbating the confusion is that Apple has complete lots of changes to the Finder in recent years, so some tutorials can reference things that are not there anymore.

For example, the Home folder takes the home icon and probably whatever name you have assigned. Also, you can find it in the Users folder. And neither is visible by default in macOS Big Sur.

And similarly, the Macintosh HD, whatever you take named your Mac and again, isn’t visible by default. Don’t worry, and we’ll explain how to make these visible!

How to find ~/Library?

The first Library folder we locate is the hidden one in your Home folder. It’s sometimes referred to as ~/Library.

Also, the Home folder is one of the less easy-to-locate folders than it used to be, nor is it called the Home folder.

And it’s most likely to get your name associated with it, but it will take an icon that looks like it has a house in it.

There are some ways to access this Home folder:

Open the Finder and press Command + Shift + H.

Alternatively, click on Go in the menu and choose Home.

You can also add this Home/User folder to the Finder sidebar by opening Finder Preferences > Sidebar and then ticking the box beside your name in the Favourites section.

Once you take arrived at the Home folder, you can press Command + Shift + . to view the hidden files, including the hidden Library folder.

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