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How to Use Binance Trailing Stop Loss Orders

How to Use Binance Trailing Stop Loss Orders

Whether you’re trading on Binance or elsewhere, trailing stop loss orders can be a useful tool to help reduce risk and increase your profit potential. A trailing stop is a special type of order that allows you to lock in a profit when the market is going in your favor. But will sell you out if it’s going in the opposite direction. You can set a trailing stop to trigger in the middle of a move, or choose a pricier option and have it close at a temporary dip.

The best way to think about the trailing stop is as a combination of the stop-loss and take-profit. This mechanism works by sending a buy order for the asset and a sell order for the asset when a price point is reached. During this period. The algorithm tracks the asset’s movement and sends an appropriate amount of money when a change in the price occurs.

To set up a trailing stop, you first need to determine the ‘activation’ price. Which is the highest price you’ll allow the stop to be below. Be sure not to set it too low. Though, as the stop might close out at a lower price than expected.

The most obvious use of the trailing stop loss Binance is to sell a long position. When the price drops below the activation price, the stop will take out the trade. However, you can also opt to leave the order alone and wait for the trend to reverse. If you are in a volatile market, you might want to opt for a high callback rate. Although this is more of a novelty than a necessity.

One of the most impressive features of the binance trailing stop is that it is compatible with other tools in the Binance arsenal. Such as the Binance Futures, Binance spot, and the Binance Market (the exchange’s ad hoc trading platform). Using a Binance Trailing Stop Loss order will increase your profit potential. But be sure to use it for the right reasons. With the correct set up, you’ll be able to make a lot of profits without risking a lot of capital.

In addition to its standard functions, the Binance Trailing Stop Loss Order can be customized to better suit your portfolio. You can also turn the Binance trailing stop into a Binance Trailing Take Profit. Which will be activate when the price goes up and is execute when it falls. These two options are particularly useful for long positions since they will give you an extra kick of profit if the trend is heading up.

Among other things. The Binance Trailing Stop has a limit order that lets you submit an order to the market after the trailing stop order has been execute. You can specify an exact price, a percentage of the original price, or a range of the original price. Lastly, the Binance trailing stop entails an integrated notification system. Which can be access via email or Telegram.

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