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Amber Kinetics has the Kinetic Energy Storage Solution

Amber Kinetics has the Kinetic Energy Storage Solution

Amber Kinetics – As global energy consumption increases and interest shifts from traditional fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Also the company at the forefront of the industry is turning to an old technology that’s making a comeback in a new and improved form – the flywheel. And compared to traditional energy sources, flywheels have the advantage of being more environmentally friendly, lower maintenance, and considerably longer lasting.

Amber Kinetics is one of the major players in this space with a revolutionary new product – a kinetic energy storage system that uses modern flywheel technology. With this product, Amber Kinetics has produced a grid-level energy storage solution that’s not only carbon free, but also highly efficient, consistent, and reliable – a combination that has thus far been very difficult to find in any of the world’s commonly used energy sources.

When people think of renewable energy, wind and solar technology are usually the first to come to mind. With their abundant supply and low environmental footprint, they have some clear advantages over traditional energy sources. However, wind and solar are intermittent and dependent on weather conditions. And this is one of the reasons why they currently account for only a small percentage of the total power generation in the world. The development of modern flywheel technologies for grid-level kinetic energy storage by companies like Amber Kinetics. Also its an exciting alternative that can support wind and solar. And offering many of the same benefits without any of the disadvantages. For this reason, flywheel technology is set to play an important role in the future of renewable energy storage.

The flywheel is a kinetic energy storage system that can thought of like a kind of mechanical battery. It works by using a dual function electric motor that accelerates a rotor around an axis to both generate and store rotational energy. The motor accelerates the flywheel using electricity, and kinetic energy is stored in the spinning wheel. When turned off, the motor works as a generator, and the stored mechanical energy spins the rotor to produce energy.

The earliest documented use of flywheels occurred in potters’ wheels of ancient Mesopotamia. They also played an important role in engines and machinery during the Industrial Revolution. But modern flywheel energy storage systems (FESS) have a come a long way. Since these very early versions and are creating new possibilities for large-scale kinetic energy storage. These modern flywheels can house in a vacuum enclosure to reduce aerodynamic drag. They have advanced suspension-bearing technology that allows them to reach higher speeds. And they’re complete of materials with high strength to weight ratio. As a result, they offer high power density and efficiency, allowing them to store more energy, more easily.

Amber Kinetics is the provider of the world’s first and only long-duration flywheel that’s flexible and rugged enough to bridge the gap between traditional energy generation. Also renewables, and battery-based energy storage. Also with the first commercialized four-hour discharge long-duration KESS, Amber Kinetics has engineered a flywheel to meet the energy storage needs of the modern grid. At a lower cost and higher efficiency than gas-peaker plants or pumped hydro. And also their advanced technology allows the Amber Kinetics KESS to store 32 kWh of energy in a two-ton steel rotor. And individual flywheels can scale up to tens or even hundreds of megawatts. The result is safe, dependable, and economical energy storage.

The mission of Amber Kinetics is to change the future of energy. Also helping to accelerate the world toward a clean and sustainable energy future that is ultimately 100 per cent renewable. The company recognizes that flywheels will be an important part of that future. As they are the most sustainable of the currently available energy storage solutions. But the Amber Kinetics product is not only unique among energy storage systems. It also features unparalleled safety, efficiency, and scalability that make it unique among flywheel systems. For these reasons, the product is an exciting option for the future of renewables. And its development has positioned Amber Kinetics to realize its mission of changing the future of energy.

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