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Is It Allowed to Use VPN During Online Gambling?
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Is It Allowed to Use VPN During Online Gambling?

VPN Online Gambling  thousands of people use virtual private networks to keep their data safe when browsing the internet. They need these to protect themselves from hackers and ensure that their personal details don’t get stolen. Apart from that, a VPN helps you access websites restricted in your juridical region.

So say your country has placed a ban on online gambling (the way the Netherlands did before last year), the chances are that you won’t be able to gamble online unless you connect with a VPN. Let’s take a closer look at VPN usage on online gambling and how it works.

How Does VPN Work?

Before we continue, you might want to ask, what is a VPN and how does it work?”. As the name suggests, a VPN offers more privacy when you’re online. They also give you an extra layer of protection against cybercriminals.

Hackers try intercepting personal, banking or any other information they get their hands on. These scammers can use such info to steal an identity, money from a bank account, cryptocurrencies, and other things of value.

With a VPN, you’re accessing the internet through a server in a different city and/or country. The VPN connection is like a funnel through which you can access the internet. It is the best way to ensure that you can safely browse the net and use online services by encrypting your data.

Why Do Gamblers Use VPN?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are many reasons people use VPN services, but how about gamblers? They might just be interested in keeping their data safe and secure when browsing. Aside from that, gamblers use VPNs to access online casinos they cannot access as well.

We’ve cited the ban in the Netherlands as an example. Does it mean that citizens were unable to gamble online all through the time it was in effect? Not exactly. People who live in countries with restrictions use VPNs to gain access to online gambling sites. Your IP would be safe as the VPN lets you hide your IP address so that you can get around an IP ban and enjoy gaming.

Is It Legal to Play with VPN?

Using a VPN in itself is mainly legal, and they are very good at protecting your data. But is gambling with VPN legal? “That depends on the laws of the country you’re in, type of gambling website, and whether it’s illegal to use a VPN there.” explains our author Jettie Oosterveen, an online gambling expert. For instance, Dutch players can now comfortably gamble online since the ban’s been lifted. You can already find many top-quality online casinos operating in the Netherlands. Visit to find the best ones.

In any case, you can use a VPN to gamble if you’re certain it’s not illegal to use one where you are, understand the terms & conditions of the gambling site, and you wouldn’t be doing anything illegal.

How to Choose a VPN Service for Gambling?

If you’re choosing a VPN service because you want to bypass geographic restrictions on online gambling, then you need to keep these two factors in mind: server locations and privacy. You’re trying to cloak your location, so you need a service that has multiple servers you can choose from. Although there are many other things to consider, those two factors are essential.

What are the Risks Involved?

It’s not all rosy and without risks, so you must bear this in mind if you’re considering getting a VPN. Here are some possible problems you may encounter:

Inaccessibility to Gambling Sites

It sounds contradictory, but that’s just the truth. Sometimes, even a VPN can’t grant you access to some types of gambling websites. At the same time, it varies from player to player.  The website might scan your phone for cheating apps and count VPNs among them, thereby banning you.

Frozen or Terminated Accounts

Using a VPN is prohibited by some sites, and if they find out you connect with one, this will result in them imposing strict sanctions against you, such as freezing or terminating your account.

In addition, using a VPN with platforms specific to certain locations can land you in trouble when it’s time for you to verify your account and they see you’re not actually in that particular country or region.


The conversations surrounding the use of VPN for online gambling are still debatable. 

While some online casino sites do not place restrictions on that, some other sites will have you blocked if you try to access the site through a VPN service. It’s important also to note the regulations of the country you want to play with a VPN.

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