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Lomastech Crunch Reveals Details About Its Advisory Council for Europe

Lomastech Crunch Reveals Details About Its Advisory Council for Europe


Customers around the globe turn to Google Cloud as their trusted partner to digitally transform, enable growth, and solve their most critical business problems. As a result, the company has set up a European advisory board comprising accomplished leaders from across industries to help inform Google Cloud on how it can continually improve the value and experience it delivers for its customers in Europe.

Instead of representing Google Cloud in Europe, the European Advisory Board acts as a virtual channel for feedback and a strong advocate for the corporation, ensuring that its goods and services adhere to local standards. The group also enables Google Cloud to advance awareness of fundamental issues that businesses across sectors and the public sector deal with, which furthers the company’s expertise and regional distinction.

Members of the European Advisory Board offer proven expertise and a distinct understanding of European market dynamics. Google Cloud’s European Advisory Board Members are:

European Advisory Commission

European Advisory Commission

The European Advisory Commission has held over eighty meetings since its inception in January 1944. The Commission has worked out in detail the initial terms to be imposed on Germany and has drawn up plans for the occupation and control of Germany. The four governments supported its recommendations on these subjects on the Commission. The Commission will also make recommendations upon the additional requirements in the political, economic, and other fields to force upon Germany in virtue of her complete defeat and unconditional surrender and upon the general lines of policy laid down in these various fields for the guidance of the Allied Control authorities in Germany. The Commission has also worked on plans for the occupation and control of Austria by the four Powers. Still, their recommendations on these subjects are flowing to several significant points on which an agreement has not been reached yet. The Commission also drew up and recommended to the British, United States, and Soviet Governments the armistice terms for Bulgaria.

Regional Advisory Council Advantages and Disadvantages

Regional Advisory Councils Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Advisory Councils

  • Draw on the skills and knowledge of directors/advisors who have practical experience in growing a business.
  • Enhance the company’s reputation and credibility in the marketplace.
  • Increase consumer and investor confidence.
  • Attract superior employees by demonstrating a commitment to company growth.

Disadvantages Advisory Councils

  • It cannot be easy to find participating members. Most advisory councils offer unpaid obligations.
  • You can get some terrible advice.
  • There is a definite expense that must be carried.
  • The meeting notes might have to be on the public record.

Advisory Council Europelomastechcrunch

Advisory Council Europelomastechcrunch

it contains provisions requiring larger platforms a category TikTok would most likely fall into to provide data to external researchers so they can study the societal impacts of services. It’s not hard to imagine that provision leading to some head-turning (independent) research into the mental health impacts of attention-grabbing services. So the prospect is that the platforms’ data could end up translating into negative PR for their services, which is shown to be failing to create a safe environment for users.

Ahead of that oversight regime, platforms have increased incentive to increase their outreach to civil society in Europe, so they’re better positioned to skate to where the puck is headed.

Reached for comment on TikTok’s advisory council, BEUC, the European consumer association that has coordinated recent consumer and data protection complaints against TikTok, sent us this statement, attributed to its deputy DG, Ursula Pachl: “We can only encourage TikTok to get advice from experts about how to protect its users, especially children better. TikTok’s foremost concern should be ensuring that it takes all measures to comply with EU and national laws.”

TikTok Safety Advisory Europelomastechcrunch

TikTok Safety Advisory Europelomastechcrunch

It’s not the first such advisory body TikTok has launched. A year ago, it announced a U.S. Safety Advisory Council after coming under scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers concerned about the spread of election disinformation and broader data security issues, including accusations the Chinese-owned app was engaging in censorship at the behest of the Chinese government.

However, the founding members of TikTok’s European advisory board for content moderation imply that the region’s focus is more on child safety, adolescent mental health, and extremism and hate speech. This is consistent with some of the main areas where civil society organizations, politicians, and European regulators have so far paid the platform the most excellent attention.

TikTok advisory council europelomastechcrunch

TikTok advisory council europelomastechcrunch

TikTok is bringing external experts in Europe in fields such as child safety, young people’s mental health, and extremism to form a Safety Advisory Council to help it with content moderation in the region.

The action, which was announced today, comes in response to an emergency intervention by Italy’s data protection authority in January, which ordered TikTok to block users whose ages it cannot confirm following the death of a girl who was reportedly asphyxiated as a result of taking part in a black-out challenge on the video-sharing platform, according to local media.

The social media platform has also been the subject of a coordinated campaign of complaints from EU consumer protection agencies, which last month published two reports outlining a number of alleged violations of the EU’s consumer protection and privacy laws, including issues specifically related to children’s safety.


Advisory councils are a collection of people who work well to augment the talents and abilities of the board to assist the organization move closer to its stated objective.

Advisory councils sometimes have little legal authority. The board of directors often has the final say in matters of governance. An advisory board’s main responsibility is to give the board important information and advice on various issues.

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