A call center management software is ideal for the success of your call center. Therefore, knowing what makes a good call center software is crucial when shopping for one.

Some people find shopping for it confusing, given the many features you need to evaluate. Besides, the market is flooded with dozens of its claiming to be “perfect” for your business. All claim to offer something exceptional, which you can prove right away.

Also below are four quality assurance features you can count on to get the ideal call center software.

1.   Integrated Omnichannel Experiences

This is one of the critical features of call center software. Omnichannel quality monitoring gives you a quality assurance call center. This is the case, especially if your business offers omnichannel customer service (chat, email, support tickets, Twitter, etc.). Companies that provide this customer support can rely on omnichannel quality monitoring to keep track of their services.

With such arrangements, customers use various platforms to communicate with you, meaning your response has to cater to all the platforms. The system must be simple and reliable for a quality assurance call center. It should monitor performance across all channels and compare them accordingly. This will let you know which platform is used the most and which one needs improvement.

2.   Root Cause Analysis and Detailed Reporting

You can’t talk of a quality assurance call center without mentioning detailed reporting. For a call center software to contribute to real change, users must understand the messages it gives. Generally, this software has two requirements — detailed reports with the ability to explore and high-level logging of QA scores.

The call center software should give QA reports ranging from the basic details like name, team, and data assessment to more advanced details like the type of phone call made. The detailed reports are crucial because they help analysts spot opportunities and track performance. It also helps them spot discrepancies. Using this information, users can understand a business’s service and get their help.

3. Key Platform Integrations (KPIs) Are Key for a Quality Assurance Call Center

Key platform integrations are necessary for successful call center software. The system needs to integrate with other call center platforms. This should be done neatly and nicely to prevent setbacks. It would help if you considered integrations with your preferred it. Some of them include:

  • Salesforce: This means that a contact center QA should be viewed side-by-side on the database. The arrangement helps users understand the information faster.
  • Five9: You should link Five9 with your QA evaluations for a streamlined quality management process.
  • Talkdesk: This gives you total control over the contact center settings. You can see every interaction on Talkdesk.
  • Zendesk: You can filter QA through Zendesk tickets and give results for review.
  1. Customer Sentiment Insight

Lastly, good should have quality sentiment insight. This feature helps you compare customer insight and know how you can improve your customer service.

Get the Ideal Call Center Software

Given the wide range of it available on the market, it is crucial to get the right one. The four features discussed here are part of what makes an ideal call center software. Consider them to choose the most suitable for it your organization.

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