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3 Ways Hotel QR Codes Can Improve the Guest Experience

QR Codes write for us – Surely you know what QR codes look it. These are scannable squares with black-and-white patterns that increasingly remain incorporated into our everyday lives. QR codes are widely used in various industries to provide service information faster and easier.

But these codes have an exciting application in the hotel industry. Have you ever heard of the hotel lock QR code? It turns out that hotels worldwide have begun to implement these codes, as they are a reliable method of providing completely contactless services and facilitating hotel processes.

Also, QR codes are not just a way to speed up certain operations. If you’re a hotel owner and haven’t yet implemented QR codes into your guest experience, read on as we’ll introduce you to a few different uses for these little black and white scannable squares in the hospitality industry.

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What is a QR Codes?

QR Code is an acronym that stands for “quick response”. This code contains a two-dimensional barcode that can print on different types of surfaces. Regarding hotels and QR codes, as we said, they are increasingly used.

They can use to share your exciting offers and useful hotel information, share guest feedback and provide contactless services. Furthermore, QR codes are cost-effective, a great advantage for you as a hotelier.

Three Ways to Exploit Them

If you’re not sure it’s worth using QR codes to provide services to your hotel guests, here are some ways to use them.

Hotel Locks with QR Codes

If you remember, at the beginning of the article, we talked about the hotel lock with a QR code. And it is one of the ways you can use it in your hotel. In this regard, we will say that it is increasingly common to find companies that offer this service.

Using it as a key has advantages for hotel guests and employees. You can forget about programming a key card for each guest, and it is necessary to generate a QR code sent to the customer’s mobile phone.

This way, you save time and help the environment by reducing the use of plastics. Quick, easy and convenient, and we guarantee that your guests will be delighted with your innovative solutions.

Keep in mind, however, that there are still people who are traditionalists and not big tech fans, so it’s always a good idea to have an alternative option where a card is used.

Contactless Billing

Imagine that it is a season when there are many tourists. In this case, check-in can take longer than expected, and nobody wants to queue at the reception. But there is a solution for this, and that is QR codes. They significantly speed up the check-in process, saving your employees and hotel guests a lot of time. Of course, just like with cards, it’s a good idea to have other ways to check in because not all of your guests will want to use a QR code.

Room Service

The third way to use QR codes is with room service. Many hotel guests do not like to order room service over the phone. The added option of ordering room service online via a QR code will appeal to your modern hotel guests who love innovation and technology.

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