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What is Thread? – Multithreading, Multithreading Works
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What is Thread? – Multithreading, Multithreading Works

Thread is the multithreading  technique that allows a CPU to execute many tasks of one process simultaneously. A thread is the unit of execution on concurrent programming. These threads can execute while sharing their resources.

What is Multithreading?

Multithreading refers to the common task which runs multiple threads of execution within an operating system. It can include various system processes.

How Multithreading Works?

The most modern CPUs support multithreading. Also, the simple app on your smartphone can give you a live demo of the same.

And when you open an app that requires some data fetched from the internet, the app’s content area is replaced by a spinner. It rotates until the data is fetched and displayed. Also, in the background, there are two threads:

  • One fetching the data from the network
  • And one version of the GUI that displays the spinner

And both of these threads execute one after the other it gives the impression of concurrent execution.

What is CPU Core?

The CPU core is the part of something central to its existence and character, similarly in the computer system. And the CPU is also referred to as the core.
There are two types of core processors:

  • Single-Core Processor
  • And multicore Processor

What is the Main Issue with Single Core?

Here are the main two issues with Single Core.

  • It executes the tasks faster, and you need to increase the clock time.
  • And Increased clock time increases power consumption and heat dissipation to an extremely high level, making the processor inefficient.

The Solution Provided by Multi-Core:

It creates two cores or more on the same die increases the processing power while also keeping clock speed efficient.

  • A processor with two cores running it can process instructions at a similar rate to the single-core processor.
  • And its clock speed is twice, yet the multicore process consumes less energy.

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