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What is Prometheus? – Features, Components, and More

What is Prometheus? – Features, Components, and More

Prometheus is the open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit unique built at SoundCloud. Since its inception in 2012. And many companies and organizations take adopted Prometheus, and the project very active developer and user community.

And it’s now a standalone open source project and maintains independently of any company. To emphasize this and clarify the project’s governance structure, Prometheus joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2016 as the second hosted the project, after Kubernetes.

What are the Features of Prometheus?

Prometheus’s main features are:

The multi-dimensional data model with time series data identified by metric name and key/value pairs

And promote a flexible query language to leverage this dimensionality

No reliance on distributes storage; single server nodes are autonomous

Time-series collection happens via a pull model over HTTP

Also, pushing time series is supported via an intermediary gateway

targets discover via service discovery or static configuration

multiple modes of graphing and dashboarding support

What are the Components of Prometheus?

The Prometheus system consists of multiple components, many of which are optional:

The central Prometheus server, which scrapes and stores time-series data

Client libraries for the instrumenting application code

And it pushes gateway for supporting short-lived jobs

It special-purpose exporters for services like HAProxy, StatsD, Graphite, etc.

And also the alert manager to handle alerts

Various support tools

When does Prometheus fit?

It works well for recording any virtuously numeric time series. And it fits both machine-centric monitoring as well as the monitoring of highly active service-oriented architectures.

Also, in the world of microservices, its support for multi-dimensional data collection and querying is a particular strength.

And also it design for reliability to be the system you go to during an outage to allow you to diagnose problems quickly.

Each Prometheus server is standalone, not depending on network storage or other remote services. Also, you can rely on it when other parts of your infrastructure fragment, and you do not need to set up extensive infrastructure to use it.

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