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What is Decred? – Definition, Create, and More

What is Decred? – Definition, Create, and More

Definition of Decred

Decred is the community-driven cryptocurrency design to deliver a truly decentralized, fair, and sovereign alternative to traditional money.

In the current system, the centralized authority, such as the bank government, holds power.

Also, with Decred, the community members own and operate the system, make the rules, and determine the project’s direction.

Who is Create the Decred?

  • The origin of Decred can trace back to 2013 when an anonymous Bitcointalk user started the thread and publish the whitepaper for Memcoin2 (MC2).
  • And TacoTime works alongside ‘_ingsoc,’ another anonymous user at the start of 2014 it appeared that TacoTime.
  • And also, it starts work on another popular cryptocurrency: Monero.
  • Company Zero primarily focused on developing the BTEC suite, the alternative full-node Bitcoin implementation written in Go.
  • Also, the code is highly regarded in the crypto community and used by many leading projects. And such as Ethereum, BitGo, Factom, OpenBazaar, and the Lightning Network team.

Why Decred its Creates?

  • It creates to provide an alternative to Bitcoin. In 2015, company zero published the post outlining Bitcoin’s biggest challenges.
  • And governance, funding for developers, and PoW miners were taking too much power.

How is Decred different from Bitcoin?

1. Secure

  • It proves more expensive to attack than pure PoW thanks to its hybrid PoW+PoS model.
  • And that aligns incentives between miners and voters. It ensures long-term stability.

2. Adaptable

  • It built-in formalized governance that allows making changes to its consensus rules while avoiding hard forks.

3. Sustainable

  • Decred subsidizes through block rewards. And only stakeholders with actual skin in the game.
  • Also, can vote to authorize spending from the Treasury, making the project sustainable in the long-term.

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