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What are Polygons? – 5 Types of Polygon

A Polygons closed figure made up of line segments (not curves) in a two-dimensional plane.
And polygon combines two words, i.e., poly (means many) and gon (means sides).

Also, a minimum of three line segments must connect end to end to make a closed figure. Thus the polygon with a minimum of three sides is known as a triangle, and it’s also called 3-gon. An n-sided polygon is called n-gon.

What are the Types of Polygon?

  • It depends on the sides and angles, and the polygons classify into different types, namely:
  • Regular Polygon
  • Also irregular polygon
  • And convex polygon
  • Concave Polygon
  • Angles of Polygon

1. Regular Polygon

  • If all the sides’ interior angles are equal, it is known as the regular polygon. And the examples of regular polygons are square, rhombus, equilateral triangle, etc.

2. Irregular Polygon

  • If all the sides of the interior angles of the Polygon area of different measure. It is an irregular polygon—for example, the scalene triangle, the rectangle, a kite, etc.

3. Convex Polygon

  • Suppose all the interior angles of a polygon are strictly less than 180 degrees. It’s known as the convex polygon. The vertex point outwards from the center of the shape.

4. Concave Polygon

  • If one and more interior angles of the polygon are more than 180 degrees, they are known as the concave polygon. And concave polygon can take at least four sides—the vertex points towards the inside of the polygon.
  • However, the number of polygons is defines based on the number of sides, angles, and properties. Let us see one of the frequently used and the primary type of polygon that is the triangle.

5. Angles of Polygon

  • As we know, any polygon as many vertices as its sides. Each corner the measure of angles. These angles categorize into two types, namely interior angles and exterior angles of a polygon.

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