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PM Kisan eKYC – The Complete Guide
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PM Kisan eKYC – The Complete Guide


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If you’re looking to streamline the process of collecting and verifying data from the beneficiaries of PM Kisan eKYC service is your one-stop solution. It simplifies the tedious task of collating and providing a large amount of information from many beneficiaries with just a few clicks.

With this guide, you know all you need to know about PM Kisan eKYC. We will give you a complete overview of how it works, how to apply for it and how you can use it for various tasks associated with government welfare schemes. Whether you’re a small business or an individual beneficiary looking to avail the benefits of PM Kisan eKYC, this guide will help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

What Is PM Kisan eKYC?

If you’re looking for a modest way to verify your identity and bank details when applying for the PM Kisan scheme, then eKYC is here to save the day!

But what exactly is PM Kisan’s eKYC? The phrase stands for ‘PM Kisan Electronic Know Your Customer’, and it’s essentially an online verification process that uses biometrics, document submission, and financial data to establish your identity. The whole process is entirely paperless and electronic, meaning that all the documents and information you provide will store in a secure digital database.

It means that when you apply for any benefits granted under the PM Kisan scheme, your identity can verify quickly and easily without any delays. It makes it a great option if you need to complete the application process without any hassle soon.

Documents Required for PM Kisan eKYC

Completing the PM Kisan eKYC process is straightforward, but there are certain documents you will need to have ready beforehand. Without the correct records, you won’t be able to register or make transactions on the PM Kisan portal.

Here’s a helpful checklist of documents required for PM Kisan eKYC:

  • Aadhaar Card: You must have a valid and linked Aadhaar card for authentication. Make sure your Aadhar card details are up to date before registering.
  • PAN Card: your pan card will be linked to your payment bank account while registering on the PM Kisan portal, so make sure you have it handy.
  • Mobile Number: You’ll need an active Indian mobile number with an SMS facility and an active SIM connection for authentication purposes.
  • Bank Account Details: Ensure that your bank account details (name of the holder, account number and IFSC code) are available when registering.

If you don’t have all the documents on hand right away, that’s no problem. But if you want to ensure trouble-free registration and transactions, make sure to have all these documents ready before getting started! You can upload them later as long as they meet PM Kisan’s requirements.

How to Complete PM Kisan eKYC Process

You’ve probably heard about PM Kisan eKYC before, but do you know what it’s all about and how to complete the process? In this section, we’ll cover all you need to know about PM Kisan eKYC, from what it is and what the requirements are to how to complete the process.

What Is PM Kisan eKYC?

It stands for Pradhan Mantri Kisan eKYC or Prime Minister’s Farmer eKYC. It is a system that the Government of India launched to provide simplified digital KYC (Know Your Customer) services in rural areas so that farmers can access government subsidies and benefits quickly.

What Are the Requirements?

There are a few necessities you’ll need to meet:

  1. Have a valid Aadhaar card with up-to-date information
  2. Be a registered farmer with your state’s agricultural department
  3. Have an active bank account linked with your Aadhaar card
  4. Register for PM Kisan eKYC on the official website
  5. Provide required documents like income certificates or land records

After meeting all the requirements, you’ll be able to move on to complete your PM Kisan eKYC process.

PM Kisan eKYC Status Check: How to Check if eKYC Is Successful

One of the essential aspects of it is being able to check its status. Fortunately, it’s easy to check if your eKYC is successful. Knowing that your ekyc has been successful means that you’re eligible for the benefits of the PM kisan scheme.

Step 1: Access the PM Kisan portal

First, head over to the pm kisan portal and click on it. Farmer Corner.., then select. View Status. From the menu.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form

Once you are on the view status page, fill out your PM-KISAN ID or Aadhaar number, Bank account number or Mobile number in one of the given fields and click. Get data to proceed further. You will then get a one-time password on your registered mobile number, which you can use to move further and fill out the registration form with all your details like name, address, bank details etc.

Step 3: Check the Verification Status

Once you submit all your details, a new page will pop up indicating whether or not your eKYC is successful. If it has been successful, it will be marked as verified, and you should be eligible for all benefits as per the PM Kisan scheme!

Importance and Benefits of PM Kisan eKYC

The govt of India has made it a priority to provide financial benefits to every farmer in the country. With these goals in mind, it is accessible to streamline and simplify the process of verifying the identity of beneficiaries.

So why is it so important? Here are some key benefits:

Easy Accessibility

It  allows farmers to use their Aadhaar number or any other valid ID documents like ration card, voter ID or driving license for verification purposes. They are making access to various financial benefits much more convenient. In rural areas, it can often be difficult for farmers to access the documents required for verification.

Data Security

It uses advanced security algorithms that ensure that the personal data of farmers remain safe from unauthorized access and manipulation. It confirms that only authorized personnel can access this information and that all data remains secure and confidential.

Reduced Cost

It helps to reduce operational costs associated with verifying beneficiary details by providing an automated system that eliminates the need for manual labour and paperwork. It enables to decrease in costs significantly and subsequently allows funds to allocate elsewhere to serve farmers better.

Overall, it is an essential step towards ensuring that farmers can access financial benefits quickly and securely.

FAQs About PM Kisan eKYC

You may have some questions about this and how it works. Here’s a list of answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

What is eKYC?

KYC stands for electronic Know Your Customer, and it is an electronic process where customers can provide their identity proofs digitally instead of submitting paperwork in person.

Is PM Kisan eKYC mandatory?

No, it is not mandatory, but it does make the process much easier. It also allows for faster processing of applications and payments.

What are the documents required for PM Kisan’s eKYC?

For this, you need an Aadhaar card, PAN card and bank account details. You can take a selfie along with your ID proof and upload that if required.

Does PM Kisan support other identity proofs besides Aadhaar cards?

Yes, they do accept other validly approved identity proofs like Voter IDs or driving licenses. However, Aadhaar cards are preferred to speed up the process & avoid any verification delays.


Overall, the PM Kisan eKYC program is an important initiative for farmers and agricultural workers in India, as it serves as an efficient and secure way for them to receive benefits from the government. This comprehensive guide should have shown you everything you need to know about the eKYC process, from the eligibility criteria to the documents required.

It is vital to remember that the eKYC process is to protect users’ information and ensure that they are eligible to receive benefits. So if you are a farmer in India and would like to benefit from this program, make sure you understand all the details involved before you apply.

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