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Pemf, how could it be explained?

Pemf, how could it be explained?

(PEMF) Pulse electromagnetic field is an amalgamation of science and technology used now in healthcare sector for its medical benefits.

PEMF machines delivering  the pulse therapy is completely safe, non- invasive method used to reduce pain, inflammation and rejuvenate any part of the body. In today’s era where everyone seems to be using mobile phones, laptops and other science technology which requires constant recharging of the device, in the same way PEMF machines recharges our body using the safe low magnetic field.

Our body is made up of trillions of cells. These cells act like “battery” on their own.  To maintain levels of this negative charge, potassium and magnesium should be contained inside the cells, while calcium and sodium ideally remain outside the cells. When a cell receives any stimulation from outside, it causes the cell to become positively charged by the movement of positive ions like sodium through the ion channel, which then propagates an electric current which then turns into a signal .The signal is required for movement, muscle contraction, Sensory perception, regeneration and repair of the cells. Any disruption in electrical currents can lead to illness or disorder.

PEMF machine in simple words can be said to be a “body recharger”.  It charges trillions of cells in the body whether they are a completely normal cell or a damaged one. The PEMF machines sends  the low frequency magnetic waves which then aligns with natural magnetic field to improve the signalling through neurons, it also helps in increasing the levels of adenosine triphosphate , improves the circulation, enhances the oxygenation to the tissues.  It brings about a fundamental change at the cellular level and cellular metabolism.

How could it be explained

The low frequency magnetic waves generated from the PEMF machines enters the skin , penetrates deep into the muscles and bones to reach the cellular level and directly  have a effect on the “mitochondria” the power house of the cell.

A lot of research has been done to study the cell and the course it follows during the disease process. They discovered that the drop in the cell electrical activity almost always precedes the disease . PEMF therapy is exactly targeting this issue at a very basic and cellular level. 

Before the technology, urbanisation and modernisation that took place. People would walk bare foot on the grass. They were in constant contact with the earth’s magnetic field and obviously would suffer less due to the bodily disorder and dysfunction.  Considering today’s time, we the people have disconnected from the earth therapeutic magnetic source. Because we are living on high towered building, busy work life, constant stress. PEMF is the solution and a great substitute for all of it , considering its non invasive as well.

Some of the benefits of PEMF machine include

1) Post surgery it helps in reducing the pain and inflammation.

2) It improves the pain and function of a joint in chronic cases of arthritis, fracture healing.

3) Studies shown it has helped in regenerating the nerve, improving the signalling function as well.

4) It has shown its benefits in improving sleep and sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep walking.

5) It can be conveniently be used at home for the adjuvant treatment for anxiety and depression.

6) In studies related to cell culture, PEMF therapy seems to increase the lysozyme activity which significantly helps in bone regeneration.

7) It can also be used in anti-ageing, life extension and longetivity.

PEMF treatments are safe, non invasive, uses the safest low frequency magnetic waves. They are pulsed and briefed. They last for about 15-20 mins, which is enough to rejuvenate the body.

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