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Who Is Meowbahh? Why She Fight with Techno? Full wiki 2024

Who Is Meowbahh? Why She Fight with Techno? Full wiki 2024

meowbahh techno – Let’s know the details about the hot topic of today’s meowbahh techno. Moreover, you may not be familiar with this, but occasionally, you may have heard from your friends about the meowbahh technology. However, we will write about the meowbahh and Techno in this blog. Before deeply exploring this topic, discuss the controversy between two well-known streamers online. For more details, read our whole article.

Who Is Techno?

Who is techno

The Techno is an American YouTuber, having 16 million subscribers. Moreover, His real name is Alexander. Alexander was born on July 1, 1999, and died in June 2022 at 23. He has melancholy feelings for his parents. In addition, we have a resounding of his parents and respect for his bits of patience. However, Techno started his YouTube career in 2013; slowly, he began engaging new audiences with his content, and in 2019, he finally became the most famous YouTuber. His Video consists mainly of Minecraft gameplay. In 2021, he suffered a diagnosis of cancer. Then, he started his treatment, but due to unsuccessful treatment, he died in June 2022.

After his death announcement, this news widened and became a hotly debated topic in America. According to Wikipedia, the trend has received 30 million in just 24 hours. Also, before August’s month end, it reached up to 80 million views on YouTube.

Who is MeowBahh?

Who is MeowBahh?

The Meowbahh is an Australian YouTuber, a YouTube channel created by a girl. Her official name has not been reveal yet. But she is mainly known as Meowbahh.

Meowbahh started her career on March 19, 2022. Her first Video was on March 30. She consistently uploads posts on YouTube shorts TikTok about Minecraft. Furthermore, once in a time, she talked and made fun of religion and culture, such as Fighting with Allah Broken Japlish. Since then, she has been well known in Notoriety.

Compared to YouTube and TikTok, she mostly prefers TikTok to gain followers and, with help, gain subscribers on YouTube.

What Happens Between Meowbahh Techno?

First and foremost, This controversy began after the death of Alexander (Techno) Meowbahh, only for the sake of following her post of a photo of NSFW ART work with Techno. Therefore, as a result, she gets massive backlash and criticism for making fun of a dead person. Also, Techno fans get offended and criticize her on social media.

German Dictator Adolf Hitler on Patreon and Twitter looked at that NSFW Art picture. After the Techno fanbase highly criticized it, Meowbahh Techno tweeted a video of them performing or alluding to sexual acts with a plushie of Technoblade. She is again heartbroken to techno fans for posting such content with a censored version.

Meowbahh Techno Unblurred Photo on Twitter

Meowbahh Techno Unblurred Photo on Twitter

The Technoblade team banned Meowbahh from using Alexander for the sake of following. But his fanbase is solid against Meowbahh. Hence, the Meowbahh account has been suspended by Twitter… Right now, I haven’t seen her Twitter account.

Meowbahh Techno Unblurred Photo Twitter

They were published on Twitter; she was the backlash against her for being disgusted by girls worldwide. However, She is getting blamed by fans and every corner of the world. So I just saw the Meowbahh x Technoblade unblurred. I’m disgusted at what this girl does: the art she makes, the people who have cut themselves for her, the fact that she told a shy person to kill themselves, etc. Meowbahh is the trashiest thing on Planet Earth. I hope you agree.

Meowbahh Techno Videos

This Video explains in detail the controversy between meowbahh techno. In addition, every YouTuber from America is in favor of Technoblade. And no one is in support of Meowbahh, even Memer.

Meowbahh Techno Blade Plush Full Video

Meowbahh’s final reveal of her and Technoblade before she got banned. After the art of Meowbahh and Technoblade, she made a video of her on top of a Technoblade plush to show how much of a degenerate she was. Meowbahh was cringed from beginning to end and refused to change regardless of how many people despised her content.


In this blog, we have read about Meowbahh techno and briefly about the online fight between the two most prominent content creators in our own country. Meanwhile, if you like our blog, please share with your friends, and I hope our information finds you accurate. Please comment below if you have any queries or suggestions regarding this blog; we will review your comments shortly. If needed, we will make changes to the blog.

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