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What are the eligibility criteria for Lean Six Certification?

What are the eligibility criteria for Lean Six Certification?

Lean Six Certification is a certification that validates the knowledge and skills of an individual in Lean Manufacturing. Being a Six Sigma project green belt is an accomplishment that takes hard work and dedication. The first step you can take to starting on your journey to achieving the belt is to find out if you are eligible for it.

If any individual is brand new to Lean Six Sigma Course, then the idea of Six Sigma certification might seem like an overwhelming process. It’s far less complicated than they might think though. In the world of business, there are a variety of certifications to help them get ahead. Trello Business Class costs per user, per month (if paid annually). Trello Enterprise – Businesses with more extensive needs. But what exactly is Six Sigma? In this short guide, we’ll break down all the eligibility criteria for Lean Six Certification and how to get started down the path.

Eligibility Criteria of Six Sigma

Lean Six Certification is a certification for individuals who want to excel in the Six Sigma methodology. This content provides an outline for the eligibility criteria for Lean Six Certification.

The Six Sigma qualification relies upon the establishment that is controlling the assessment and the belt that you are attempting to accomplish. There are essentially two distinct associations that give the Six Sigma belt certificates. These are the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) and the American Society for Quality (ASQ). While IASSC offers Lean Six Sigma confirmations, ASQ offers Six Sigma affirmations.

IASSC has no pre-essentials for taking the affirmation tests through ASQ has an exhaustive rundown of Six Sigma certificate qualification. The following area will list the measures for each belt.

The long stretches of involvement, the quantity of Six Sigma projects that you play finished and your parts. Since obligations are a portion of the Six Sigma accreditation necessities that change with the belt tone. There are three unique Six Sigma belts, and the Six Sigma qualification of each is unique.

Requirement of Belts

Have you generally needed to turn into a Six Sigma black belt? Assuming this is the case, know what the qualification necessities are before you settle on any choices. The appropriate request for Six Sigma belts is Yellow, Green, and Black. In any case, none of the belts has the others as their Six Sigma affirmation necessities.

Six Sigma Belts

  • Yellow None
  • Green- Yellow suggested, not obligatory
  • Black- Green suggested, not obligatory

Required Work Experience in Six Sigma

Since the Yellow belt is the initial step into the Six Sigma world, there is no work experience Six Sigma qualification standards for this belt.

The Green and Black belts are saved for somebody with a piece of functioning information on the Six Sigma ideas. Hence, people need to have no less than three years of work insight to fulfill the Six Sigma course qualification rules.

The Black belt level necessities no less than three years of work insight or the consummation of two Six Sigma projects. The employee work must be a full-time job position. Temporary jobs and low maintenance jobs can’t be figured in with the work insight for Six Sigma affirmation necessities.

Six Sigma Work Experience

  • Yellow-None
  • Green-Three years full-time
  • Black-Three years full-time or
  • Consummation of at least two Six Sigma projects.

Ventures Completed

The Six Sigma certificate qualification for Yellow and Green belts doesn’t determine any tasks to be finished. For the Six Sigma Black belt, every individual should have to fulfill any of the accompanying necessities:

  • They should have finished no less than two Six Sigma projects. They must have the option to give marked testimonies with respect to the activities. or then again,
  • They should also have finished one Six Sigma project alongside at least three years of work insight in a field that utilizes Six Sigma approaches.


The Six Sigma Green and Yellow belts are substantial always and needn’t bother with re-affirmation. Nonetheless, the Six Sigma Black Belt requires re-affirmation at regular intervals.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • The Six Sigma Yellow belt gives a fundamental comprehension of the ideas of Six Sigma. This certificate shows that individual surely knows about Six Sigma.
  • The Six Sigma Green belt Certification will be somewhat more associated with the Six Sigma projects in the organization in an accompanying way.
  • You should devote essentially 25% of the functioning hours towards executing Six Sigma systems in the association.
  • You should work under a Six Sigma Black belt and help them in executing Six Sigma projects in the associations.
  • The Six Sigma qualification expresses that the jobs and obligations of a Six Sigma Black belt are as per the following:
  • You should have the option to design and convey a Six Sigma project all through the association.
  • You should have the option to characterize, quantify and investigate information to work on the cycles and execute Six Sigma projects.
  • You should have a piece of far-reaching information on different Six Sigma standards and cycles. You should likewise realize how to carry out them essentially inside an association.

Since there are many individuals who are willing to work in Six sigma roles and fulfil sigma responsibilities. There are very less individuals who actually have certifications to be in that league. In these cases having a certification is very important. With the help of a certification people can easily set their path straight in front of their employers. They will be easily selected at a six sigma position with the right six sigma belt certification. Also, they will get necessary chances to uplift their position in any company with this certification.

In order to get a certification such as this individuals should remember to check if they are cleared in the eligibility criteria. Without having a passed eligibility criteria, it is easy for them to sit in that belt examination and fulfil their goals.

To help the public understand the eligibility criteria for Six Sigma certification, we have seen down the requirements of each belt level, as well as roles and responsibilities for becoming a certified Lean Six Sigma professional. With this knowledge any individual can take their first step of being a six sigma professional and expanding their career.

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