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Know the Details About the International Math Olympiad Class 8
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Know the Details About the International Math Olympiad Class 8

International Math Olympiad (IMO) is a math competition for students from class 1, 8 to class 12. This competition was by an India-based organization called Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). SOF in Gurugram, India and it aims to identify and nurture future talent. It also organizes other exams like National Cyber Olympiad (NCO), National Science Olympiad (NSO), International English Olympiad (IEO), International Company Secretaries Olympiad (ICSO), and International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO).

Through innovative activities, SOF is promoting a scientific attitude among the students across India.  The Worldwide Mathematical Tournament, or IMO, is a significant mathematics Olympiad held by the Science Pentathlon Basis for students to provide a mathematical foundation for future classes. By posing high-order thinking problems to students, IMO helps them improve their problem-solving ability and analytical thinking.

They will for future competitive tests as a result of this. By offering a peek of the trial through Class 8 IMO Sample Papers, SOF Olympiad Trainer promises to give every appropriate study resource that helps students ace the IMO examination. About Class 8, IMO competition is held every year for Class 8 students. The syllabus also is based on the syllabus of Class 8 math. NCERT textbooks and IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 8 2016 are enough to prepare for this exam. Many students are unaware of how to study for the Class 8 IMO exam. Some are also anxious to attempt this exam without knowing many things about the exam. We will discuss the eligibility criteria of the exam, the syllabus of the exam and pattern of the exam, and all other things that are important to this exam.

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone from Class 8 and who is under 20 years who want to assess their academic level is eligible to apply for IMO. There are two levels in IMO, and each has different eligibility criteria.

  • Level 1 – This level has relaxed criteria to be eligible to apply for IMO. It aims to increase the participation of students in IMO. Class 8 students from India and abroad can apply for this exam.
  • Level 2 – For this level of the IMO, only students who get minimum performance level marks are eligible. The top 5% of students are selected from level 1 to level 2. Full 25 zone-wise and class-wise rank holders are also suitable for this level. Section-wise topper also advances to level 2.

After checking eligibility criteria, students can apply for the exam. Application forms and dates usually come 30 days before the exam. These application forms must fill out through school. Exam fees are 125 INR for Indian resident students and 9 USD for students applying from abroad or international schools. This year’s exam will be in December or January (Tentative).

Exam Pattern

Class 8, at level 1, is going to be an objective questions-based exam. The exam will have 50 questions that to be solved in 1 hour. IMO exam paper will have four sections—Section-wise marking weightage below. Keep in mind that every question from each team will be one mark except achiever’s section questions which will have three effects.

Exam Syllabus

A syllabus is essential to study for the exam. Students must plan their studies according to the syllabus of IMO. The syllabus of IMO on CBSE/ICSE/State board. Let’s see the detailed syllabus for the Class 8 IMO-

  • Section 1 – Logical Reasoning – Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning, mirror image, water image, analogy, etc. (15 questions for 15 marks)
  • Section 2 – Mathematical Reasoning – rational numbers, squares and square roots, cubes and cube roots, exponents and power, comparing quantities, algebraic expressions, and identities, linear equations in one variable, etc. (20 questions for 20 marks)
  • Section 3 – Everyday Mathematics – Syllabus on section 2, Mathematical reasoning (10 questions for ten marks).
  • Section 4 – Achievers Section – Difficulty level is challenging than other sections. These questions are also in section 2, Mathematical reasoning. (5 questions for 15 marks)

NCERT textbook or state book is essential for the preparation of this exam. Read thoroughly every image from the textbook. As we see, more than half of the paper depends on mathematical concepts taught in Class 8. IMO exam does not ask questions on the advanced level concept, but it does ask questions in a twisted and tricky way that students may get misloaded and mark wrong answers. Also, see previous years’ question papers to analyze what questions are in the exam. Solve sample papers of different levels of difficulty.

Follow the below tips while preparing for IMO

Solve as many questions as you can. IMO exam is different from the CBSE/State board. Although the concepts are the same, the level of difficulty is different. Practicing different types of questions from question banks will make students used to spotting the essence of the question quickly and finding the right way to find the answers.

The exam is going to be an objective questions-based paper. Hence, students can find the correct answers for questions if they can eliminate two or three options. Remember that sometimes finding answers from options are a much better and time-saving way.

Solving sample papers is essential. There are four sections in the report. For every student, there is going to be one section that will be time-consuming or low-scoring. Always prepare a strategy that is suitable for you.

IMO exam is to assess the conceptual understanding of students. Students should not get stressed about this exam. But they must give their all-diligent efforts to score good marks.


From the Class 9 point of view, giving Class 8 IMO is beneficial for students. IMO encourage students to think analytically, making them grasp the concept. It prepares students for the nationwide competition. Many students have a fear of failing before entering any competition. Thus, Class 8 IMO is an essential exam for students in Class 8. This exam will make students face challenges with their heads held high. In this exam, the important thing is participating rather than being at the top. This exam will give an excellent insight to the students and give them a reality check about where they stand in the national level competition.

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